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Who Is the Intelligent Objects Killer? The 6 Most productive Fan Theories


This story discusses theories for HBO’s Intelligent Objects, and no longer Gillian Flynn’s 2006 original that inspired the assortment. Please don’t show any book spoilers in the feedback!

Between all of those superbly edited flashbacks and the dynamic duo of Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson — plus the song, swoon, the song! — it’s easy to neglect that Intelligent Objects is, basically, a moderately annoying kill-thriller. With Camille Preaker (Adams) despatched relieve to her spooky fatherland of Wind Hole, Missouri, to overview the kill of two teen ladies, it’s turning into sure that every the “outdated faculty money” and “trash” inhabitants of the Bootheel metropolis all have motives to shatter. Three episodes into the restricted assortment, right here are doubtlessly the most outstanding kill suspects on our list to this level.

unbelievable $eighty,000 stereo system, Alan! The complete lot is stacking up against the Crellin “patriarch” and his tasteful pastel sweaters at this level, which became amplified at the terminate of episode three when he plight free a quiet, muffled cry into his fist all through a equipped of frustration. (Out of opinion from his wife and small one, pointless to pronounce.) We soundless don’t know great in regards to the intricacies of Alan’s lifestyles, and that’s doubtlessly for the suitable. Nonetheless his house lifestyles doesn’t look so gargantuan, huh? He will get no affection from his daughter Amma (Eliza Scanlen), even much less affection from his wife, Adora (Clarkson) — they’ve been slumbering in separate bedrooms for a whereas now — and he looks to be to ultimate obtain enjoyment when he’s sitting by myself in his song room, ears blissfully cocooned in headphones. He needs a catharsis for his emasculation, he needs a inaugurate, and presumably it is available in the horrific possess of torturing and killing teen ladies. Factor in it: The killer is focusing on ladies around Amma’s age who've healthy, enviable relationships with their very have confidence fathers — one thing that’s impossible to Alan. Personally, I’m searching at for our onscreen Eureka! moment when Alan’s unveiled because the psycho killer and he changes out Paris Jazz Piano to Talking Heads: Seventy seven.

To position it evenly, Wind Hole’s reigning king of 1-liners doesn’t seem appropriate at his job. He’s incapable of believing somebody rather than an “out-of-towner” or “Mexican” would attain such terrible crimes, eschewing the sensible belief from Detective Richard Willis (Chris Messina) that every murdered ladies are connected by crimes of passion from folks they already knew: “Ardour doesn’t repeatedly deserve to equal sex,” Willis (Matt Craven) argues. “This fashion of ingredient can scratch a obvious extra or much less itch. Energy. Bewitch watch over.”

The easy version of Vickery’s aversion to thoroughly investigating all angles of the crimes, or using Willis and Camille as vital resources in the investigation, is that he’s the assassin himself and making an are attempting to quilt his tracks. The extra complex version is that he’s in fact a lazy cop who can barely be stricken to emerge from his comfy police chambers. Nonetheless lest we neglect, the chief might be very to hand in the case of pliers — the equivalent instrument worn to resolve away Natalie Keene’s enamel, implying ultimate a man with unbelievable strength might perhaps reach such an act.

The “lady in white” comparisons aside — yes, she likes to wear a host of trendy white outfits, but is that a purple herring? — Adora’s fixed exasperation at Camille doing the fundamentals of her job and investigating the murders couldn’t be owing to her repressive nature, but slightly to the incontrovertible fact that she committed the murders and doesn’t desire somebody to search out out. (She goes to this gift claim Camille is “embarrassing the household” as a reporter, which, huh?) We already know Adora had maternal relationships with each slain ladies, but presumably the relationships had a extra twisted, frightening edge that in the atomize ended in her snapping and killing them. Or, who is aware of, Adora will be an accomplice by vivid about her husband’s crimes and covering for him. She obvious loves playing Chief Vickery treasure a gas-lit fiddle.

By no approach underestimate the brutal strength — psychological and physical — of a teenage girl. Or three teenage ladies. Being raised in such a repressive Southern Gothic household, it’s no longer unsuitable to mediate Amma might perhaps resolve to riot in techniques that are … no longer identical outdated, in suppose to pronounce her dominance, in particular when her devoted posse of pals are willing to attain the leisure for his or her queen bee. Bewitch this bit of dialogue between Camille and surely one of Amma’s pals in episode two, when the elder sister affords the young folks a pair of dollars for his or her vodka-Sprite combo:

“Amma, Momma wants you house and I desire you house. It’s unhealthy accessible, folks are killing small ladies.”

“No longer the cool ones.”

Is this the explain of a stupidly delusional teen, or one who let inch that they’re out of hurt’s design because they’re those doing the harming?

Determined, this one is with out a doubt accessible in the case of likelihood — we did search info from Marian’s funeral finally — but if we important to totally lean into the aptitude of Camille being an unreliable narrator because of the her alcoholism and mental-health issues, why no longer resolve into consideration the prospect that Marian never with out a doubt died and Camille is conflating her flashback recollections with every other needless girl? What if Marian, vivid plump properly that her half-sister is a scoop-hungry journalist up north, begins killing ladies in the hopes of luring Camille to search out her? If we’re fully happening the rabbit hole right here, presumably Adora and Alan are responsive to her existence and violent traits, and resolve a see at to cowl it from the metropolis? That’d one be one hell of a third-act twist.

Bless this Reddit user for including pretty of levity to an in every other case very gruesome kill-thriller. What if the metropolis, in an act of Hot Fuzz–esque defiant habits, banded collectively to rid themselves of its most “undesirable” — to them, of us that don’t stay as a lot as their excessive southern standards of decorum — young folks? It would provide easy alibis for all people if the townspeople had a fixed carousel of murderers, that’s for obvious.


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