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Which TV Couple Said It: Philip and Elizabeth or Philip and Elizabeth?


Marriage is complex. Particularly whenever you occur to’re a married couple on a serious tv drama. Particularly if it’s a duration drama where you've got a flowery and conflicted relationship alongside with your national identities. And severely if all of these items are occurring, and additionally your names are Philip and Elizabeth.

The query is, can expose you expose which quote a couple of fancy TV marriage is which? Is it Philip and Elizabeth Jennings from The Americans, or Philip and Elizabeth Windsor/Mountbatten from The Crown?

Which Philip and Elizabeth Said It?

Is it The Crown or The Americans?

Philip: “Right here is simpler for you.”
Elizabeth: “You focus on it’s easy for me, what I attain?”

Elizabeth: “What would fabricate it more straightforward on you? To be in, now no longer out? What's going to it accumulate?”
Philip: “You’re asking my tag?”
Elizabeth: “I’m asking what it'll accumulate.”

Philip: “What about the kids?”
Elizabeth: “The kids shall be capable!”

Elizabeth: “I need us so as to mumble what’s lawful. I need us — it — to be…”
Philip: “What?”
Elizabeth: “Valid. Attain you factor in we would possibly well attain that?”
Philip: “I don’t know.”

Elizabeth: “I requested you now no longer to deceive me. And you told me to my face that nothing took station.”

Philip: “Are you able to factor in one thing more humiliating?”
Elizabeth: “As a subject of truth, I will!”

Elizabeth: “How are we going to reside like this?”
Philip: “We’ll get aged to it. Fancy we obtained aged to the total lot else.”

Elizabeth: “I will sign if often, in expose to let off steam, in expose to defend in, you've got to achieve what you've got to achieve. I will opinion the incorrect draw.”
Philip: “I do know you are going to be ready to opinion the incorrect draw. You’ve raised looking the incorrect draw into an art develop. I’m asserting I don’t make a selection you to.”

Philip: “It doesn’t fabricate you execrable at what you attain, it loyal makes you a human being. Don’t you ever adore it?”
Elizabeth: “That’s now no longer why I’m here.”
Philip: “However don’t you ever adore it?”
Elizabeth: “We get to reside this vogue.”

Philip: “You sent me away!”
Elizabeth: “And why attain you factor in that modified into?”
Philip: “I don’t know, you expose me.”
Elizabeth: “Attributable to you’re misplaced!”

“Oh, I’m loyal Johnny Foreigner over again, who doesn’t sign. Stunning! Stunning!”


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