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The Onion Announces Warfare on Label Zuckerberg and Facebook


Be conscious when news broke earlier this 365 days that Elon Musk had poached several Onion staffers for a mysterious unique comedy accomplishing, then the Onion and ClickHole retaliated by publishing a ton of articles adore “I Did The entirety I Could perhaps To Settle ClickHole, But Their Editorial Integrity Received Out Over My Billion-Greenback Offers, And I Appreciate Them Even More For That (By Elon Musk)” and “Elon Musk Embarrassed After Realizing He Proposing Idea For Thing That Already Exists”? Smartly, one other highly nice tech billionaire — Facebook’s Label Zuckerberg — is the target of the Onion’s ire this week, and the consequence is deliciously and scathingly involving.

First there’s this article from March, which is for the time being the Onion’s pinned tweet:

Then issues started heating up the day earlier than this day with this:

Then this:

Followed by this:

Certain, there’s extra:

There’s also a video:

If you intend that used to be every little thing, you are mistaken:

Quiet going:

Getting darker:

And this: “We’re no longer going to debase ourselves by accepting handouts from some sociopath tech bro. Stop you consider throwing about 1,000,000 dollars at underprivileged kids absolves you of the total terrible shit you’ve completed? Bag staunch.”

Zuckerberg’s diminutive one daughter even contributed: “In case you truly take into myth it, it’s no longer that magnificent that you simply bought the total arrangement on your spacious online internet page whereas you were in college and wanted one design to vote on which girls you intend were reasonably. If most efficient you’d accurate had ample shallowness to belief that you simply’d at closing marry somebody fantastic adore Mommy, then maybe all this grief would possibly well per chance moreover’ve been refrained from.”

And primarily the most most trendy update:

More articles are reportedly on the technique, so the war is a ways from over. Withhold an have about on the Onion’s Twitter internet page to attend tabs on what’s coming subsequent, or higher but, hurry give them some clicks on their staunch online internet page — Facebook absolutely won’t.


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