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The Legend of Harold Ramis and Amy Heckerling’s Secret Daughter


The next is an excerpt from Ghostbuster’s Daughter: Life With My Dad, Harold Ramis by Violet Ramis Stiel, out currently.

One afternoon in September of 1985, within the course of my fogeys’ separation and the pleasant starting of his relationship with Erica, my dad picked me up from school and educated me we were going to check with a buddy of his, Amy, at the well being facility.

“Who is she?” I asked, lustrous the name sounded familiar however not ready to location it.

“Amy’s a buddy from work,” he talked about. “She directed Swiftly Instances at Ridgemont High.”

“Oh yeah,” I giggled, waggling my eyebrows and making kissy faces. “I favored that one. Is she sick?”

“Nope, she gorgeous had a infant.”

“Oooh, can I preserve it?” I asked, peaceable enamored with all issues reproductive.

“Doubtlessly not,” he talked about. “She’s mark‑composed and the truth is tiny and we’re gorgeous going to teach hi there and then journey away.”

“Will we journey to McDonald’s after?”


When we obtained to the well being facility, I be conscious seeing Amy, gentle and exhausted, taking a look down at me from the mattress and a tiny infant sound asleep in a bassinet by her facet. After a pair minutes, the nurse got here to have interaction the baby to the nursery and the three of us walked down the hall together to glance at the different babies within the unit. The entire infants were crying, and it distressed me. “Isn’t anyone coming to grab them up?” I asked my dad and Amy. “Doesn’t anybody care?” There changed into uncomfortable silence. I changed into greatest eight, however I could maybe maybe teach that one thing unfamiliar changed into within the air. Amy changed into good ample however failed to appear in particular chuffed to be conscious us, and my dad changed into surely in a bustle to rep out of there. About a one year later, I changed into snooping round in Dad and Erica’s room — The Joy of Intercourse within the nightstand drawer? Take a look at! — and, opening Erica’s diary to a random page, I got here right thru the next sentence: “We gorgeous learned out that Amy Heckerling’s infant is Harold’s infant, too.” Grunt what now? Harold’s infant? I changed into Harold’s infant. How could maybe maybe there maybe be one other? In spite of my shock, I didn’t converse the leisure to my dad or Erica about it. I did elevate it as a lot as my mom, nonetheless, over our respective breakfasts of Grape‑Nuts with four sugar cubes (me) and 1/2 a watermelon (her) after I changed into ten or so. I don’t know if I changed into compelled by kindly curiosity and a must job or if I changed into gorgeous being my well-liked troublemaking self, however all of a unexpected, I gorgeous blurted out of nowhere, “Build about Dad and Amy Heckerling?”

“Yes,” she talked about carefully, “I knew. They had an affair, and she changed into the truth is in fancy with him however then he and Erica obtained together and … why attain you request?” She checked out me unwaveringly with her certain inexperienced eyes however swallowed audibly. I be conscious hoping she wouldn’t assert.

“Build they have gotten a infant together?” I asked sharply.

“Oh … I conception he wasn’t certain.” She regarded away. “He educated you?”

“No, I overheard him talking to Erica about it. Don’t teach him I educated you.”

She agreed, we both all straight away dropped the topic, and I tried as greatest I could maybe maybe to position the entire pronounce out of my mind. For all my precociousness, I changed into perplexed by the entire pronounce. How could maybe maybe my dad have one other infant however not be with it? Did that mean he wasn’t the truth is its dad? Changed into the baby piece of our family? Why didn’t he teach me it changed into his infant when we were at the well being facility? Why did my mom appear so unhappy? I will have asked these questions however I didn’t. I most well-favored being at tiring evening, apprehensive of no matter the solutions could maybe maybe indicate. I figured so long as all people else changed into keeping basically the main, I'd too.

Once I changed into about twelve, my mom and I went to a perfect buddy’s performance art work unique and event in downtown L.A. As quickly as we walked into the courtyard of the theater, my mom talked about, “Violet! Amy Heckerling is here … with the girl.” Oh huge, I conception, here's the final pronounce I are attempting to address marvelous now. Visiting Amy and the baby within the well being facility and then talking to my mom referring to the pronounce had been ample of this Other Daughter to final me a lifetime. I changed into already pissed off about being at the unique within the first location, and this encounter threatened to push me over the edge. “Will we journey away? Please?” I moaned. “I didn’t even are attempting to reach.” My mom fully not eminent me, too extra special to care that I changed into not within the temper.

The girl, who changed into doubtlessly round five, had a mop of fiery red hair and danced round amongst the partygoers. I could maybe maybe barely glance at her.

“Ooh, she looks gorgeous fancy Harold, doesn’t she?” my mom whispered conspiratorially.

“I don’t know, maybe,” I talked about sulkily.

It changed into precise however I didn’t are attempting to settle for it. My dad and I were combating plenty for the length of that time and here changed into this candy tiny sprite who could maybe maybe gorgeous dance into his existence at any time. It fearful me, however I couldn’t admit it. I don’t know if I changed into also by some potential ashamed of this mess he’d made, however I had emotionally distanced myself so distinguished from the topic that it didn’t sink in at all that this tiny girl changed into my 1/2 sister. I changed into at the tip of my preteen angst and beautiful didn’t are attempting to take into account of or address anyone else’s drama after I had so distinguished of my possess going on internally at all cases.

After that shut encounter, I managed to position this tiny mystery sister out of my mind for basically the most piece. She had her existence and I had mine. It seemed extra special to transfer away this kind of a will must have free reside flapping round within the stride, however I had no control over the pronounce and no ardour in sharing my dad with anyone else. If all of the adults within the pronounce were aesthetic with ignoring it, who changed into I to scamper the pot? Nothing to be conscious here, gorgeous transfer along …

In June of 1999, my dad educated me to grab any location on this planet, and he would have interaction me there for a father‑daughter postgrad prance prance.

I prompt Portugal or Tokyo and he talked about, “Effectively, yeahhhhh. That could be cool. How about northern France?” A boulevard time out thru the picturesque French nation-teach wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, however I knew that we would have a giant time wherever we went. So we spent a pair of days in Paris, ingesting café au lait and drinking pâté and croissants, and then rented a automobile and took off for Normandy. Dad drove and I tried to navigate as we passed thru Vernon, Rouen, Deauville, Etretat, and Saint‑Lô. Dad’s accent changed into so gorgeous that after we asked contributors for instructions, they'd reply in such instant‑fire French that we were left more perplexed than when we started. Meanwhile, he laughed at my entire lack of French comprehension after I noticed yet one other avenue signal for Hôtel de Ville, and talked about, “What is that? Admire a Easiest Western or one thing?” We visited Mont Saint‑Michel, stayed in a sixteenth‑century fortress for a night, drank calvados at every different, and laughed and laughed and laughed. We spent a day taking a have a examine the Bayeux Tapestry and Dad bought a kit to embroider a throw pillow with the image of Harold, Earl of Wessex, who later changed into the king of England. We ate basically the most unbelievable meal at the Ferme Saint Siméon in Honfleur, and then went relieve the next evening and ate the actual same pronounce again (lobster salad with avocado and citrus dressing, and a steak with morel mushrooms and fois gras, if it be crucial to know). We also ate the truth is wicked ham steaks in Caen at what seemed fancy a French Denny’s.

For the length of that time out, whereas riding to yet one other crumbling abbey, my dad talked about he had one thing crucial to teach me.

“I do know this sounds loopy … however you've got a sister.” He regarded over swiftly to gauge my response.

“Amy Heckerling’s kid?” I asked. He nodded, taking a look perplexed. “I do know. I’ve known eternally.”

“But — wha? How?” he sputtered.

“Effectively,” I talked about slowly, “I knew that you simply and Mom had an …thought. Then, after I changed into a baby, you took me to the well being facility to fulfill this random lady and her infant.”

“You be conscious that?”

“Um, yeah! It didn’t appear fancy a chuffed discuss over with, even to a seven‑one year‑worn. What were you pondering? Why did you elevate me there? Changed into I fancy your human defend?”

“Something fancy that.” He laughed.

“I deem I also overheard you and Erica speaking about it once,” I lied, not attempting to teach him that I’d learn her journal. “After which, after I changed into about twelve, Mom and I saw the girl and Amy at a performance art work pronounce and Mom changed into fancy, ‘Ooh, she looks gorgeous fancy Harold,’ so I somewhat distinguished figured it out. You dirty dawg!”

“I’m so sorry, my infant.”

“It wanted to be a girl,” I teased. “Brothers I’m cheerful with, however a sister? Come on. I’m speculated to be the actual Daddy’s girl.”

“I don’t deem that would maybe be a topic. She doesn’t even know.”

“How is that doubtless?”

“Oh boy.” He took a deep breath. “Effectively, Amy and I were having an affair and she obtained pregnant. She changed into married at the time however had had a pair of miscarriages and the truth is wanted a baby so she talked about she changed into going to have it although she wasn’t certain who the daddy changed into. I deem she changed into hoping that I’d journey away Anne to be with her, however I knew it wouldn’t determine between us. I changed into gorgeous getting eager with Erica … it changed into a massive number.

She had the baby and she never educated her husband that there changed into any request of paternity.”

“Ouch.” I cringed.

“Yeah, ouch. Indirectly they obtained divorced. I tell he changed into repeatedly suspicious, because he did a DNA check and learned out that Mollie wasn’t his organic baby. He made Amy narrate never to teach Mollie however he called me, somewhat pissed off, and educated me. I the truth is feel fancy this kind of jerk.”

“You’re not a jerk, Daddy.”

“Effectively, I’m certain Amy thinks I'm. Have you ever seen Ogle Who’s Talking?”


“Effectively, that married asshole that will get Kirstie Alley’s persona pregnant and then won’t journey away his wife?”


“That’s me.” Le command.

Having a look relieve, I wasn’t in particular freaked out by our conversation. I changed into in a giant location in my existence, so the discomfort I felt after I saw Mollie at the art work unique changed into long gone. If the leisure, I felt chuffed that my dad had relied on me ample to discuss over with me and I figured that so long as I changed into number one, maybe it didn’t matter if I wasn’t the actual one.

As the time out got here to an reside, we spent one final evening in Paris earlier than flying out. We had dinner at Brasserie Lipp and talked about what the upcoming one year can have in retailer for both of us. As we walked relieve to the hotel, a gradual-weight rain fell and I held on tight to him below the doorman‑dimension umbrella he repeatedly regarded as if it would have helpful.

“Thank you for a giant time out, Daddy,” I talked about, all straight away combating relieve tears.

“You are so welcome, Daughtie. Don’t assert. I loved every minute of it, too.”

In a manner, our time out to France felt fancy a reward for surviving the turmoil of the outdated fifteen years. We’d made it thru the divorce, his remarriage, and my insurrection intact; I’d graduated from college with honors, and he changed into coming off the success of Analyze This, so it changed into a in point of fact finest event of our person successes, along with the energy and resiliency of our relationship. The next morning, we flew relieve to Los Angeles and our separate lives. I arresting for my next transfer and he started pre‑manufacturing for his next mission, Bedazzled. To this unique day, that time out remains one in every of my most cherished recollections of time spent with my dad.

One day within the spring of 2004, my dad called. His grunt sounded quite off, maybe quite compelled, as he broke the news. “I heard from Amy Heckerling.”

“Oh, the truth is?” I made certain to preserve my tone casual and peaceable although my abdominal lurched quite. “What did she converse?”

“She talked about that Mollie knows every thing and wishes to fulfill me.”

“Surely? Wow. How attain you in actuality feel about that?”

“Oy, I don’t know. Apprehensive. Angry.”

“I wager.”

“She goes to NYU and they have gotten an house on the Upper West Facet.”

“That’s loopy. What if she’s, fancy, my next‑door neighbor?”

“Effectively, we’ll uncover. I’m pondering I’ll meet her when we’re in city next month on the manner to the Winery.”

“Yikes. Okay.”

“I’m going to discuss over with her on the phone later this week. Are you cheerful with this? Does it freak you out?”

“No longer the truth is. I conception it would however … ”

“Erica is kind of freaked out.”

“Surely? Why?”

“Ohhh, I deem she’s fearful referring to the functionality for peril.” “What’s composed?” I laughed. “They don’t need the leisure from you although, marvelous? It’s not going to be a huge dramatic scene, is it? She gorgeous desires to fulfill?”

“I deem so. That’s what Amy talked about. We’ll survey. Oh my God. I'm hoping it isn’t a entire peril.”

“It won’t be,” I reassured him. Genuinely, I had no idea if it could maybe well maybe be a peril or not, however I wasn’t gentle to seeing my dad so out of kinds and I wished to present him the same comfort and confidence that he’d repeatedly given me.

Mobile telephone calls occurred, preparations were made. The conception changed into for all of us to fulfill her and converse hi there and then Mollie and Dad would journey on my own to have espresso and discuss whereas Amy, Erica, Julian (then fourteen), Daniel (then ten), toddler Keon, and I'd have lunch and stay unsleeping for them. If issues went well, we could maybe maybe all journey relieve to my house. Within the event that they didn’t, we’d journey our separate strategies. Dad changed into so anxious — blinky and compulsively adjusting his shirt. Erica saved squeezing my arm and announcing, “I will’t bear in mind here's occurring.” I will greatest tell referring to the pleasure, fear, and anticipation they were feeling because I felt nothing, disassociated — in other words, my default mode for when other contributors are emotional.

Mollie and Amy walked as a lot as us on Broadway and introductions were made. I greeted Mollie warmly and we awkwardly embraced. She changed into eighteen, in a flowery dress and protection pressure jacket, with long red hair and my dad’s face. Amy changed into microscopic and gentle and regarded fancy a rock well-known particular individual that had gorgeous rolled faraway from mattress. Dad and Mollie went off to French Roast whereas the relaxation of us went to Artie’s Deli. Amy and Erica chatted and drank iced tea whereas the boys ate bagels and I wrangled Keon. After about an hour, Dad and Mollie walked in smiling and all of us went relieve to my house to dangle out. What I be conscious most about that first day is how Mollie seemed so equal to us and yet so totally different at the same time. Bodily, there changed into an undeniable resemblance. I mean, she regarded even more fancy my dad than I did, fiery red hair however. Genuinely, seeing her made me sign how distinguished of my looks had reach from my mother. But where nature ends and nurture takes over, Mollie changed into fancy a stranger. Her vibe, cadence, and timing were so totally different from ours. Granted, it changed into an incredible day for her, however she seemed panicked and hesitant in a manner I hadn’t anticipated. I could maybe maybe teach she changed into amusing, and we saved attempting to connect, however I felt fancy we were repeatedly gorgeous a beat off from the truth is clicking. Mostly, although, I changed into gorgeous relieved that it regarded as if it could maybe well maybe be a drama‑free encounter. As we wrapped up the evening, she and I exchanged phone numbers and talked about we’d event quickly.

Obviously, after Mollie and Amy left, we grilled my dad on how their conversation had gone.

“I deem it changed into gorgeous,” he vocal‑fried. “All of it gorgeous feels so huge.” “Okay, gorgeous give us the nutshell,” I nudged.

“Effectively, she wanted to know the story from my standpoint. I educated her and she seemed cheerful with it. She educated me how it changed into for her to uncover. I don’t know. I apologized.”

“For what?”

“For not having been there for her. It seemed fancy the marvelous pronounce to attain at the time however … who knows? Correct for me, however maybe not for her.” “It looks fancy she changed into out somewhat well despite it all although, no?” “Oh yeah, she did gorgeous aesthetic without me. She’s dapper. She’s amusing. She writes … But peaceable. It’s huge, my infant. Immense, huge, huge!”

A couple of months later, Dad changed into in Contemporary York on my own and asked me if I wished to transfer to Mollie’s birthday event with him. We went to any individual’s house downtown and smoked pot with some contributors on the roof. I, not lustrous who knew what, mistakenly launched myself to a young lady as Mollie’s sister. She changed into straight stunned. “What? I’m her cousin. How is that doubtless?” Oops. Mollie changed into complex to learn however tried to reassure me it changed into good ample. I felt wicked about maybe messing issues up for Mollie with her family, however I changed into also perplexed. Now that all of us knew every other, weren’t issues going to be out within the delivery? It looks to be not, as there were peaceable strong emotions and factors to be resolved in this complex pronounce.

Mollie and I didn’t discuss for nearly two years after that. No longer because we didn’t are attempting to, gorgeous because we were both slothful flakes. She and my dad spoke and emailed infrequently however didn’t appear to invent a conventional rhythm with every other. He repeatedly spoke about her with a form of wistfulness that I learned heartbreaking. I do know he changed into the wicked guy in their teach of affairs; that wasn’t a situation he recurrently changed into in, and it weighed on him.

About five years after our initial meeting, Mollie got here over to my house. We obtained stoned, clicked (hallelujah!), and started to have an actual relationship of our possess. She changed into hilarious and inventive and ballsy and we were amazed at all of the overlap in our personalities and upbringings despite the variations. Now, I could maybe even merely be keen on oddly neurotic Jewish ladies who converse “fuck” plenty and aren’t fearful of a perfect Holocaust amusing story, however she changed into fancy a dream reach precise. Surely, I had never met anyone fancy her, and I changed into kind of in fancy. She got here over every Tuesday evening for the next one year and we changed into the truth is shut. My young contributors loved her because she made dirty jokes and laughed at their shenanigans. One evening, as she watched me wage fleshy‑scale bedtime warfare in opposition to my two tiny rebels, she laughed into her beer bottle as I within the spoil closed their bedroom door and tiptoed relieve into the lounge. We’d gorgeous started speaking when, out of nowhere, she flipped me the hen.

“Did you gorgeous give me the finger?” I asked mock incredulously. “No, Keon is within the relieve of you making faces and being quite shit,” she laughed.

“Oh,” I talked about, grinning from ear to ear, “well then, that’s aesthetic.”

The parallels and contrasts between Mollie and myself would rep for a giant psychological survey, or no not as a lot as, a charming episode of Separated at Birth. We grew up in in an identical plot distinctive Hollywood families, so our frames of reference line up nearly identically; nonetheless, whereas I'm assured however panicked, she struggles with low self‑fancy however is amazingly mettlesome. She changed into the lead singer in a rock band for several years and is now writing scripts, making puppets, and doing stand‑up comedy. Badass, marvelous? Our mutual admiration for every other (“You’re unbelievable!” “No, you’re unbelievable!”) allowed us to rep shut without it ever feeling competitive.

Ironically, in 2004, one other sister joined the family when Ayda Wondemu got here from Ethiopia to keep on with Dad & Co. and relieve Julian and Daniel’s deepest school. Ayda, fifteen and coming into her sophomore one year, had researched schools and contacted the admissions division on her possess, out of doors of any established alternate program. They, in flip, reached out to my family, who agreed to host her. For the first one year she lived with Dad and Erica, Ayda somewhat distinguished ate greatest meat and chocolate (individually, clearly) and browse romance novels obsessively. I deem she clung to these familiar issues because the adjustment to a thoroughly composed existence changed into so overwhelming. Over time, she expanded her tastes — in both meals and reading — and she thrived socially and academically at school. Amazingly, despite the variations in background, she match marvelous in with the family and all of our mishigas.

Ayda, Julian, and Daniel lived as siblings and were very shut. Ayda and I favored every other from the delivery however both felt quite threatened however. She stayed in what had initially been “my” room within the Glencoe house and regarded as if it would fulfill all of my dad’s daughterly requirements — amusing, candy, intellectual, inventive. Changed into this the different daughter I will must were worrying about as an alternative of Mollie? Happily, no. As it changed into out, no matter concerns I had were thoroughly false. My dad adored Ayda (and Mollie) however there changed into loads of fancy to transfer round.

What changed into speculated to were a one‑one year reside stretched into two, then three, and Ayda graduated from North Shore Country Day in 2007. She then went on to Tufts, where she double‑majored in global affairs and French literature, receiving her BA, with honors, in 2011. We remained her house nefarious thru college — Dad, Erica, and the boys in Chicago, and me and my brood in Contemporary York. Ayda did a pair of rotations of relief work within the Philippines and Uganda earlier than within the spoil getting her master’s in global affairs from Johns Hopkins. She is now working at an NGO refugee camp in South Sudan. All of us discuss over with her on a popular foundation and are hopeful that she will be ready to reach to her second house and us, her second family, quickly.

Removed from where I started as a lonely greatest baby, the massive, jumbled mess of our family now entails five siblings connected in loads of strategies by DNA, shared history, different, and, main, fancy. Julian, Daniel, Mollie, Ayda, and I could maybe even merely not all piece the passe bonds of parentage or the journey of rising up below the same roof, however we're deeply and undeniably connected, and I sign the relationships I've with all of them beyond the leisure I could maybe maybe ever have imagined. Even supposing he’s not here with us, I do know that my dad, repeatedly the proud patriarch, is beaming at us — his stunning mess of a family — from wherever he is.

From GHOSTBUSTER’S DAUGHTER by Violet Ramis Stiel, published by Blue Rider Press, an ticket of Penguin Publishing Community, a division of Penguin Random Home, LLC. Copyright © 2018 by Violet Ramis Stiel.

Gentle ongoing, factors right thru the truth of Mollie’s paternity ended in her being cut off by some contributors of her family. This is, in piece, why I’ve chosen to teach this long‑held secret and command Mollie officially (with her consent, clearly) as one in every of us. I do know my dad would have stepped up and done the same if he were here.


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