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The Disturbing Portrait of Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong in Netflix’s Horrid Genius

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This share incorporates spoilers; proceed with caution while you haven’t watched Horrid Genius.

Horrid Genius: The Just Story of The United States’s Most Diabolical Financial institution Heist is mainly a whodunnit. Over four episodes of the crime docuseries that landed on Netflix over the weekend, co-directors Trey Borzillieri and Barbara Schroeder try to resolve who's accountable for the 2003 dying of Brian Wells, an Erie, Pennsylvania, pizza-shipping man who robbed a PNC Financial institution with a bomb collar strapped around his neck. He died a rapid time later, in front of police, when the explosive instrument detonated. But Wells didn’t act on my own. The sequence spends most of its time exploring exactly who participated in surroundings him up to enter that bank, in conjunction with and most notably Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, and what their motives were.

The twists and turns in the investigation of Wells’s dying — or, because it modified into identified in the national media, the pizza bomber case — make Horrid Genius compelling. But its portrayal of Diehl-Armstrong, the mentally in wretched health lady to whom the title “inferior genius” refers, is what breeds basically the most fascination and frustration.

Whereas watching Horrid Genius, I had miniature query that Diehl-Armstrong was as soon as an intimidating and indirectly unhealthy lady fantastic of offing folks with miniature sense of be apologetic about. Because the sequence unearths, she admitted she killed two frail boyfriends, in conjunction with one, James Roden, who threatened to repeat police everything he knew about what took situation to Wells. She deserved to be punished for the crimes she committed.

But my hackles were raised, time and all as soon as more, by the solutions whereby she was as soon as depicted and, frequently, marginalized: by friends and family, by law enforcement, and by a psychological-health machine that, based thoroughly on regarded as one of her attorneys, spit her help out on four separate times after that attorney had Diehl-Armstrong involuntarily committed. Heaps of the sources who focus on on-camera during Horrid Genius unintentionally point out their comfort with sliding Diehl-Armstrong into the “crazy lady” category. In consequence, they in most cases fail to take into tale diverse folks and factors that had an influence on what took situation to Wells.

Seize into tale Bill Rothstein, the frail boyfriend of Diehl-Armstrong who, as the sequence explains, performed a role in constructing the bomb that ended up on Brian Wells. He indirectly calls the police to legend that the physique of James Roden is in a freezer in his storage, the place aside he positioned it after Diehl-Armstrong killed Roden and asked for his abet looking out down the physique. Rothstein’s cell phone call leads police to the corpse, and to arrest Diehl-Armstrong in Roden’s extinguish. There is just not any longer the kind of thing as a request she’s accountable for Roden’s dying — she outright admits it. But it completely’s striking how mighty leeway is given to Rothstein, namely since he tells police he no longer too long previously attempted suicide and affords a suicide cloak as evidence. The first line item in that cloak states that his would prefer to die has “nothing to develop” with the Wells case. Which is an spectacular big non sequitur if neither he nor Diehl-Armstrong had one thing to develop with the bank heist.

Rothstein is characterised in the documentary as any individual who, cherish Armstrong-Diehl, was as soon as “no longer customary” as somewhat one. Also cherish Diehl-Armstrong, he had an inflated sense of self, talked rather a lot, and, as an adult, displayed the roughly horrible hoarding trends as his frail female friend. But no person in Horrid Genius ever calls him crazy. A police trooper named Ron Morgan, who says Rothstein was as soon as basically the most fantastic man in an in-law’s marriage ceremony, says he first and well-known didn’t suspect that Rothstein may maybe perhaps maybe had been inquisitive about Roden’s extinguish or the dying of Wells this capability that of it factual didn’t seem doable.

In video taken by police officers who searched each Rothstein’s home and Diehl-Armstrong’s, Rothstein acts virtually cherish a tour info, providing all forms of information, nevertheless of path, nothing that will perhaps perhaps implicate him. Police bump into as deferential to him, in any case in the photos we stare. Granted, Rothstein had never been convicted of a vital crime, whereas Diehl-Armstrong had already long gone on trial as soon as earlier than for extinguish (she was as soon as acquitted) and was as soon as linked to diverse suspicious events. There is fine clarification for investigators to mediate she’s responsible. Tranquil, it’s unparalleled to mediate about how skillfully Rothstein is able to divert police consideration, in any case first and well-known. It’s additionally revealing to listen to to the language he makes exercise of to train her.

“ what manic depressives are?” he asks police officers while being interview, explaining that Diehl-Armstrong has the placement. At every other level, Rothstein describes her terminate of a dialog by announcing she went into “histrionics.” The subtext of the manner he talks about her has a hoop of “ how crazy girls folk are” to it. Clearly, Diehl-Armstrong didn’t develop herself any favors: In basically the most fantastic on-camera interview alongside side her, she comes across as without peril agitated and ceaselessly doesn't sound wherever end to rational. But the machine in situation — a bunch of male law enforcers who may maybe perhaps perhaps additionally be inclined to believe Rothstein and mistrust her — additionally looked designed to work against her.

Other girls folk associated to the case are minimized, too. In episode three, we study that a couple of feminine inmates suggested Erie police that, while in penal complex, Diehl-Armstrong talked about she shot Roden this capability that of he had threatened to dispute her involvement in the pizza bomber case. One prisoner, Kelly Makela, even performed the James Comey on this project, taking detailed notes about everything Diehl-Armstrong talked about to her and passing them on to the police officers. All of the data gathered from Makela and others was as soon as shoved correct into a folder known as “Snitch Letters” and never shared with federal investigators, who didn’t dispute them till years later. Jason Wick, an ATF agent who worked on the case, says in Horrid Genius that the letters may maybe perhaps perhaps additionally personal gotten buried this capability that of the worn mistrust that in overall develops between local and federal officials. Clear, that can had been a component. I additionally personal to mediate that the incontrovertible truth that every person the sources were girls folk made it more straightforward for police officers to slice rate what they talked about as mere gossip, confessions from “snitches” that will perhaps perhaps without peril be shoved away at the help of a desk drawer.

Horrid Genius implies time and all as soon as more that sure folks gain the fine thing regarding the doubt in society and others don’t, and that’s no longer always about gender either. On better than one event, when Diehl-Armstrong is attempting to argue in her luxuriate in protection, she plays up her situation. “I’m an dilapidated, smartly off lady,” she says at one level, in conjunction with that it’s very no longer going to mediate any individual cherish her may maybe perhaps maybe had been inquisitive regarding the Wells bank scheme. She additionally talks regarding the loads of girls folk in penal complex alongside side her as if they belong on a lower societal rung. Whereas it’s correct that Diehl-Armstrong got right here from a heart-class family and had an very appropriate amount of cash, most of which she kept stashed away amid the litter of her home, miniature about her demeanor or life picks imply she’s fantastic to anyone who’s locked up alongside side her. In her skewed manner, she is overjoyed that class can build her this capability that of it so frequently serves as a defend that protects a person from attracting suspicion.

So does flee, a self-discipline that isn’t addressed mighty in Horrid Genius (all of the suspects and victims in the docuseries are white), with one exception: Diehl-Armstrong reportedly instructs Wells that, if he will get caught, he ought to accumulated repeat the police officers that two shaded guys put the bomb on him and forced him to buy the bank. Wells undoubtedly does scream this, nevertheless the misdirect never leads wherever. It’s telling that Diehl-Armstrong is so sure police will make a choice into the “African-People are to blame” idea while thoroughly ignoring the “smartly off” white lady and her white accomplices. She is good ample to snatch how unconscious bias works, perhaps this capability that of she’s been a victim of it herself: no longer this capability that of her flee, nevertheless as a lady with a psychological sickness. She’s additionally mentally in wretched health ample to mediate that she can outsmart the police officers with no rupture in sight. Which, she can’t.

As charming as Horrid Genius is, it misses a exact opportunity to extra stumble on the underlying “how” request on this chronicle: How did Diehl-Armstrong ride from being an luminous, admired young lady to a murderer who would indirectly die in penal complex in 2017 and gain buried in an unmarked grave? Some answers are supplied. Her psychological sickness obtained worse with age, and it’s glaring that she didn’t gain the roughly treatment she wished. Borzillieri interviews her father and notes that her fogeys never perceived to favor the severity of their daughter’s sickness.

A TV reporter additionally mentions that while taking the stand during her trial, Diehl-Armstrong says she was as soon as abused as somewhat one. She’s susceptible to falsehoods, nevertheless I was as soon as accumulated gripping to snatch if there was as soon as some truth to that. If there was as soon as, it wouldn’t absolve her of her crimes. As a resolve rightly states during her sentencing, there are many folks who're bipolar or personal diverse psychological-health factors and don’t develop the forms of issues she did. But it completely would abet expose, in phase, what modified into a lady who will must had been an American success chronicle correct into a tragic cautionary chronicle. Given how frequently insecure folks snap on this nation and forestall up killing folks, correct crime shows cherish Horrid Genius personal a accountability to dig into this aspect of their narratives.

What took situation to Diehl-Armstrong was as soon as terribly unhappy. Horrid Genius acknowledges that, nevertheless at the an identical time, frequently casts her as the villain in a horror movie. Jerry Clark, the lead FBI agent on the case, remembers walking down a protracted penal complex hallway to interview her for the first time and talks about how the moment reminded him of a scene in Silence of the Lambs. The closing moment of the sequence, and one which appears in the outlet titles, shows a characterize of a luminous, young, lovely Marjorie morphing into the mugshot Marjorie, her smile turning to a frown and her eyes losing their spark in a subject of some chilling seconds. It’s a truly creepy image, and it’s the last item the demonstrate leaves us to take into tale.

But what I preserve focused on is the court sketch artist who was as soon as on responsibility when Diehl-Armstrong faced trial for her role in the Wells theft. In an interview with Borzillieri, he says he first and well-known drew her with a whole lot shading to emphasise “the inferior” in her, which made me wonder how frequently court sketch artists editorialize without us even realizing it. But as he started to peek her more and realize she was as soon as an exact person, he says he lightened up her facets.

What I noticed in Horrid Genius made me sure that Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong was as soon as accountable for the dying of James Roden and, although no longer thoroughly, accountable for the dying of Brian Wells. But what I noticed in Horrid Genius additionally made me mediate that after some folks developed a explicit characterize of her of their minds, they may maybe maybe maybe no longer be stricken to modify that image, or to effectively abet Marjorie figure out the actual solution to shift a ways from unlit and help in opposition to gentle.