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Patricia Okoumou and the Risk to Unlit Immigrants


When Contemporary York–primarily primarily based activists Upward thrust and Resist planned to make employ of Independence Day to bellow the Trump administration’s immigration policies, their goal used to be straight forward: to unfurl a banner declaring “Abolish ICE” on Liberty Island. Patricia Okoumou, nonetheless, took it extra, risking lifestyles, limb, and liberty in free-climbing the a hundred-foot-pleasant pedestal disagreeable of the Statue of Liberty and lying at its toes. Throughout the three-hour standoff, she repurposed her shirt correct into a flag of its relish, defiantly exhibiting the name to bolt to “Upward thrust and Resist.”

Upon open from arraignment, where she used to be charged and pleaded no longer guilty to a pair of federal misdemeanor expenses — trespassing, interfering with authorities capabilities, and disorderly conduct — Okoumou spoke it appears to be like that evidently about her opposition to the Trump administration’s immigration policy. Wearing a shirt emblazoned with the phrase “white supremacy is terrorism” and introducing herself as a naturalized citizen who immigrated from her native Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1994, she acknowledged the “draconian, zero-tolerance policy on immigration has to head. In a democracy we create no longer keep early life in cages … reunite the early life now.” If there procure been any closing questions of her intent, she proudly declared that “Michelle Obama, our loved First Girl … acknowledged, ‘After they drag low, we drag excessive,’ and I went as excessive as I would possibly well also.”

Okoumou laid straight forward the irony of celebrating the freedoms represented on Liberty Island while immigrant families are being split up and held indefinitely in detention services and products, however she moreover did something else — keep a Unlit girl immigrant within the center of the controversy. While the visceral showdown at the U.S.-Mexico border emphasized Latin American immigration, separation policies and, extra broadly, rapidly eroding immigration protections procure a protracted reach. The effects procure been in particular acute for Unlit immigrants, who are certainly one of the most quickest rising demographics within the USA.

chosen by the ACLU for their class-bolt suit against Immigration and Customs Enforcement are moreover of Congolese heritage: a mother and daughter who came to the U.S. hunting for asylum final three hundred and sixty five days. They procure been separated four days later and held at San Diego and Chicago detention services and products, respectively, for over 5 months.

Adding to the issues faced by dark refugees and asylees is the pending expiration of the eligibility to live and work within the USA by the utilization of Temporary Protected Jam for so a lot of international locations. The designation is presently given to eligible residents of ten international locations littered with armed struggle or pure catastrophe, collectively with approximately 50,000 Haitians, who procure been issued the placement in 2010 as a outcomes of the earthquake that devastated the nation. While United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) director Francis Cissna alleges that Haiti “no longer continues to fulfill the stipulations for designation,” here's contradicted by the USCIS’s relish portray that states “many of the stipulations” prompting the distinctive designation peaceable exist. The effort to take care of this plan alive, which successfully lobbied for an extension till July 2019, staves off the capability disruption of 1000's of families of disjointed immigration location, many of whom procure established roots and raised American-born early life. Nonetheless while the delayed point in time affords some reprieve from pending displacement, the capability impression to families and communities necessitates an urgency in remediation that has prompted court docket cases from so a lot of organizations, collectively with the NAACP and ACLU.

deputize native police having the ability to vet and portray suspects for immigration violations through a fingerprint database, and govt orders that threaten to void the visas of any immigrant who's convicted of against the law. Racial profiling, disproportionate arrest and incarceration rates, and biased apprehension ways equivalent to cease-and-frisk work to accumulate dark immigrants especially weak to draconian immigration enforcement ways.

As a result, extra than 20 percent of all noncitizens who face deportation on prison grounds are dark, and dark folks are in the end deported at the next price. To keep it in context — in 2015, eleven percent of full convicted-prison removals procure been for “Precedence 2” criminals, which embody immigrants convicted of three or extra misdemeanor offenses. If Okoumou had no longer already been naturalized, the fresh federal court docket cases for her act of civil disobedience would procure transformed correct into a referendum on her factual residency on this nation.

On the apex of the St. George’s neighborhood in Staten Island that Okoumou calls home lies a ferry terminal — it’s potentially the most advantageous free manner all the way through which the borough is connected to the upper Contemporary York Metropolis website online. The 25-minute drag boasts “postcard-ideal views” of Liberty Island, and it is miles certainly idyllic — on a clear blue day, the silhouette of Girl Liberty stands prominently on the foreground of an unvarnished skyline, a proud representation of romanticized American beliefs. As Patricia Okoumou sat at the hem of liberty’s garment, the contrast used to be glaring: On a day when approximately 20,000 vacationers planned on traversing the inner workings of the pattern, celebrating the notorious strains of The Contemporary Colossus Sonnet engraved at its disagreeable — give me your tired, your unhappy, your huddled heaps craving to breathe free — we procure been reminded that in that very same sonnet, Girl Liberty is named “Mother of Exiles.” As the rights of these exiles are chipped away, it is miles activists who ensure that we all hear dissonance between projected American beliefs and their execution in policy . In one defiant step, Okoumou did correct that — and reminded us that within the ocean of 1000's of families at the mercy of oppressive and unjust policies, every at the U.S.-Mexico border and all different ports of entry, are many dark faces, whose tales can't be brushed off within the battle for an correct and humane immigration device.


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