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Serial season one
The pod that started all of it, Serial’s first season offers with the disappearance and abolish of excessive college senior Hae Min Lee in 1999 — and the next conviction of her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her abolish. Reporter and host Sarah Koenig follows up on 1000's of paperwork and trial testimony whereas moreover talking to everyone she can get, ensuing in reams of examine that elevate powerful extra questions about what really happened. The podcast’s good success even ended in a most standard spinoff, Undisclosed, that continues to follow Syed’s battle to show his innocence.
Episodes: 10 in season one
Dimension: 1 hour or less

Lacking and Murdered
The significant season centers on the unsolved 1989 abolish of Alberta Williams in British Columbia, following reporter Connie Walker as she meets with the person that despatched her the tip in the first location. Season two shifts its level of interest to Cleo, a young Cree lady who turned into once apprehended by child welfare workers in Saskatchewan in the 1970s. Her family tells a obvious myth, alternatively, of how she turned into once stolen, raped, and murdered.
Episodes: 18 over two seasons
Dimension: 1 hour or less

From the linked producers as Serial, S-Metropolis fleet became the podcast everyone turned into once talking about. Its single season follows John, a man who despises his Alabama city and wants any individual desperately to examine the scion of a neatly off family who’s been going around city announcing he obtained away with abolish.
Episodes: 7
Dimension: 1 hour

Soiled John
Debra Newell is a winning interior clothier who meets the titular John. He’s ravishing, available, and valid again from a one year serving with Doctors Without Borders. Then issues expose heart's contents to unravel. You’ll be twisted from the open.
Episodes: 6
Dimension: 1 hour or less

Season one explores the shadowy underbelly of Windfall, Rhode Island, the keep organized crime and corruption once ran rampant. Didn’t quiz a Godfather-style saga of alliances, betrayals, heists, mobsters, and zigzag law enforcement officers from this sleepy Contemporary England inform? Prepare to be jumpy. Season two, focusing on a sleek city (the sleuths of Reddit seem to mediate Detroit), will doubtless be released in fall 2018.
Episodes: 18, plus 7 bonus episodes
Dimension: 1 hour or less

West Cork
Supplied as an Audible Normal from Amazon, it’s no surprise that this audiobook meets appropriate-crime podcast saga turned into once a hit. What everyone knows: Sophia Toscan du Plantier turned into once chanced on murdered on the fringe of her property in Ireland, valid days earlier than Christmas in 1996. But issues valid open up there. Follow along with journalist Sam Bungey and producer Jennifer Forde as they are making an are attempting and solve this brutal mystery.
Episodes: 1
Dimension: Nearly eight hours

Within the Darkish
In season one, you’ll discover about Jacob Wetterling, an 11-one year-worn boy who turned into once kidnapped in rural Minnesota. Picking up 27 years later, reporter Madeleine Baran finds fundamental concerns with how law enforcement mishandled Jacob’s abduction — and the plot in which this failure fueled nationwide scare around stranger ache, no longer to claim the introduction of the sex-offender registry. The lauded 2d season takes a obvious direction with the case of Curtis Vegetation, a black man who, at some level of the final two a long time, has been tried six times for the linked crime — and has maintained his innocence at some level of. A mountainous dive into the annals of the justice plot.
Episodes: 17 over two seasons
Dimension: 1 hour or less

A Killing on the Cape
From ABC Radio and 20/20, A Killing on the Cape affords a chilling stare on the 2002 abolish that rocked an idyllic Cape Cod city. Style author Christa Worthington turned into once chanced on stabbed to loss of life in conjunction with her 2-one year-worn daughter unharmed by her aspect, and after a 3-one year search, the overall neighborhood turned into once under suspicion. Indirectly, Worthington’s garbage man turned into once convicted of her abolish and rape — however it completely doesn’t end there.
Episodes: 6
Dimension: 1 hour or less

Anyone Is conscious of Something
David Ridgen follows a obvious case every season, starting with the mysterious 1970s disappearance of a 5-one year-worn Ontario boy. Ridgen is incredibly thorough and his sensitive Canadian potential sets Anyone Is conscious of Something aside from the pack. He knows the questions you love to settle on to quiz and isn’t panicked to quiz them. Value noting: Season 4 affords a charming, neatly-reported deep dive staunch into a mail bomb abolish.
Episodes: 36 over 4 seasons, plus a couple of fast updates
Dimension: 1 hour or less, although a couple of tip valid over an hour

Up and Vanished
The total sequence of Up and Vanished specializes in the unsolved disappearance of Tara Grinstead. Host Payne Lindsey examines the 11-one year-worn case — the very best case file in Georgia historical previous — and re-interviews people of hobby in the case to stare whether or no longer there’s one thing that turned into once lost sight of.
Episodes: 25 with many extra follow-up episodes
Dimension: 1 hour

Atlanta Monster
From the creators of Up and Vanished and HowStuffWorks, Atlanta Monster turns an stare to one among the darkest moments in the city’s historical previous: The 1979–eighty one Atlanta Child Murders, a two-one year length that observed the disappearance and abolish of over 25 black young folks and young adults.
Episodes: 10 with a couple of extra follow-up episodes
Dimension: 1 hour

Reporter Amber Hunt digs into the abolish of 23-one year-worn Elizabeth Andes, who turned into once chanced on dead in her Ohio rental in December 1978. Incredibly neatly produced and researched, it’s Cincinnati’s Serial. Season two, valid released, specializes in the abolish of a penitentiary minister.
Episodes: 17 over two seasons
Dimension: 1 hour or less

Death in Ice Valley
Combining two powerhouses, BBC World Service and Norwegian NRK, this sequence affords a spectacularly shadowy stare into the Isdal Woman, an unidentified lady chanced on in the chilly wilds of Norway in 1970. Prepare for constant chills and heaps of mood.
Episodes: 10
Dimension: 1 hour or less