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On the Discipline of The People Gamechanging Episode, ‘Harvest’


When Stan Beeman in the end sneaks into the Jennings home to snoop spherical, it's darkish and needless quiet on the Brooklyn set of The People.

Noah Emmerich, as Stan, slips by blueprint of a French door and walks slowly across the acquainted hardwood floor of the Jennings family. He enters the kitchen, where he sneaks a seek recordsdata from at the family’s mail. He goes up the stairs — there in reality is a total upstairs with elephantine bedrooms on this meticulously constructed set — then comes aid down all any other time.

With out the context of the relaxation of the seventh episode of the sixth and remaining season — the one titled “Harvest” that aired Wednesday night on FX — it’s pure to select that Stan is in the end putting the pieces collectively and realizing that Elizabeth and Philip Jennings are greater than appropriate the ludicrously busy walk brokers who're residing across the avenue. But that’s now not precisely sure; the dismal lighting fixtures makes it involving to completely present an explanation for the expression on Emmerich’s face because it looks on the monitors set up adjacent to the groundless Falls Church, Virginia, home. Even the writing of the scene doesn’t tip its hand. When Stan rests his eyes on a report of the Jennings family and flashes aid to the words uttered by a loss of life William Crandall — “residing the American dream … by no technique suspect them” — the script describes the FBI agent’s behavior with a straightforward, fair: “Stan stares at the Jennings’ family report.”

Clean: There’s one thing eerie and momentous about looking out at Stan Beeman prowling by blueprint of these rooms, his suspicions about his neighbors raised to a stage that they gain got now not reached since he first met them, greater than six years earlier. It feels ominous. It feels adore the origin of the end.

Spending the day on The People set aid in mid-January and looking out at the solid and crew film “Harvest” used to be adore taking a be taught at a puzzle that wasn’t completely set collectively. Eight scenes gain been shot that day — three in the Chicago hotel room where Elizabeth and Philip reconnect forward of executing the failed mission to present protection to the guy seek recordsdata from identified as Harvest, and a handful in the Jennings home, collectively with the moments that follow Stan as he searches for affirmation of his hunch that Philip and Elizabeth can also very successfully be Russian spies.

It’s an most considerable episode, one that devices up the dominoes that can (or can also now not) fall in the last three episodes of the sequence. Which is why it’s excellent that it used to be written by Sarah Nolen, a 28-year-feeble Penn Utter grad who earned her first-ever TV writing credit by scripting “Harvest.”

After spending greater than three years working as an assistant to the heads of an L.A. tech firm, Nolen leveraged some connections and landed her dream job: working for The People in season 4 as the assistant to Joel Fields, one of many two showrunners. Within the relaxation season, she joined the writing workers. “From the minute she arrived, she’s made expansive, terrific ingenious contributions,” Fields instructed me. “We read some scripts of hers and a few scene work of hers that’s been in reality sturdy.”

After the crew broke season six, determining the final legend arc and constructing a high level notion of what would occur in every episode, Fields instructed her, basically basically based completely on Nolen: “If there’s a high level notion that you would also very successfully be feeling namely pulled to or interested by, let me know. But appropriate so , I gain one that I focus on you might perhaps maybe presumably presumably in reality excel at.”

To Nolen’s delight and surprise, that grew to alter into out to be “Harvest,” an episode that gave her the opportunity to write the weighty conversations between Elizabeth and Philip, Stan’s momentous consult with to the Jenningses’ home, an advanced circulation sequence, and also the episode’s “talker” — the setpiece in the parking storage, where Philip makes declare of an ax to cleave off the high and fingers of deceased fellow-seek recordsdata from Marilyn to be obvious her id can’t be traced.

When I chatted with Nolen in the writers’ role of enterprise all by blueprint of my consult with, the parking-storage scene had now not yet been shot and the facts of it gain been unknown to me. Nolen discussed it in identical earlier terms, without my working out of precisely what would occur.

“We write some reasonably darkish, darkish issues on the demonstrate, but on the sector of our demonstrate it’s — adore, for instance, the teeth-pulling scene. We discuss with that as in reality a truly intimate scene. Practically a sex scene,” Nolen acknowledged, relating to the 2d in season three when Philip has to yank a broken teeth from his valuable other’s head. “It’s one thing that’s very grotesque and so laborious to stare, but to us, I’m now not even seeing him the declare of pliers on her. I’m seeing intimacy. So I acknowledged this to [the director] Stefan [Schwartz] about [the head-chopping] scene in my episode, and he used to be adore, ‘I wouldn’t desire to this level you’ — I used to be adore, ‘It’s so romantic!’ And he’s adore, ‘What?!’”

“This scene namely,” she added, “I viewed as in reality involving and selfless and romantic and, also, tactical. But there’s quite a bit of emotion to it.”

As this episode used to be being shot, there used to be also quite a bit of emotion coursing by blueprint of about a of the other folks that work on The People. Production used to be mild very noteworthy below blueprint, but already devices had been struck. The furnishings in the Jenningses’ grasp suite had been removed. Contributors of the employees gain been making ready for the last-ever belief meeting, where the final tone and execution of an episode is discussed. Fields and fellow showrunner/sequence creator Joe Weisberg might perhaps maybe presumably sense how cease they gain been attending to leaving a job they mild liked.

“You score any employees of parents right here, and after they work collectively, ethical solutions reach out,” Weisberg instructed me. He used to be sitting in a diverse room in the writers’ role of enterprise in Brooklyn, which, at the time, used to be mild very noteworthy intact, total with its Ronald Reagan standee and its bookshelves stacked with People-relevant texts: The E-book of EST, TV Manual encyclopedias from the Eighties, Secrets of Computer Espionage.

“It’s what you score to gain in a collaborative ambiance,” Weisberg persisted. “It’s highly, highly purposeful. It feels ethical on every day basis. It feels ethical from a piece level of seek recordsdata from, on the opposite hand it also feels for my portion ethical. I feel ecstatic. I feel supported. I relish the other folks I’m spherical.”

“Wow,” he acknowledged, pausing for a 2d, starting up to sense what it’s adore whereas you reach first and foremost of the end. “I’m going to omit the hell out of it.”


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