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Mitt Romney: ‘My Approved Meat Is Hot Dogs’


Attain you know what Mitt Romney’s favourite meat is? How about his second favourite meat? I did no longer, nor did I specialize in I cared — except lately. Now, I contain as if I’ve eaten fruit (hot dogs) from the tree of files (the cyber web). There would possibly be now not any turning support.

Tucked away in a half on his Senate accelerate in the Washington Examiner is a little bit by which Romney — who had an estimated discover value of $250 million true thru the 2012 presidential accelerate — clearly wanted to veil that he’s a man of the folk with a casual and fully pure apart:

“My favourite meat is hot canines, by the style. That is my favourite meat,” he told a gathering of supporters as they joined him as of late for an informal dinner organized by his campaign.

However what, I beget to query — soaking wet in a cool sweat, overcome with a desperation to clutch more — is the meat that Mitt Romney likes “subsequent finest”:

“My second favourite meat is hamburger. And, every person says, oh, don’t you buy steak? It’s treasure, I do know steaks are big, but I treasure hot canines finest, and I treasure hamburger subsequent finest.”

At final.


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