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Dietland Is a Darkly Comic Satire With a Feminist Message


Dietland is an off-kilter drama about society’s tendency to limit women folk, and a present that itself defies categorization.

If you occur to’ve be taught Sarai Walker’s original of the same name, then you’ll enjoy some sense of the tonal shifts on this AMC sequence, tailored by Marti Noxon of UnREAL and Girlfriends’ Records to Divorce popularity. Debuting Monday evening, Dietland is share magnificence-industry satire, share vigilante-justice thriller, share spoil mystery, and share body-sure manifesto. There are presumably some facets I’m forgetting in there, too. The truth that it’s ready to skate between so many genres and vibes roughly fluidly is spectacular, heroic, and deliberately irregular. It’s a present that looks destined to originate conversation, nonetheless that additionally looks very aware — arguably too aware — of its capacity to originate a conversation, especially on this #MeToo-infused cultural atmosphere.

Dietland facilities around Plum Kettle (Pleasure Nash), a ghostwriter for Kitty 1st viscount montgomery of alamein (Julianna Margulies), the editor of the teenager vogue-and-magnificence magazine Daisy Chain. Plum writes Kitty’s Letters to the Editor column, which implies she reads and responds to pleas from younger women folk mired in varied states of desperation. Plum, herself, is in a semi-determined articulate: A plus-sized lady who has tried each and each diet that exists, she is planning to derive her abdominal stapled, nonetheless wants money no longer handiest for the assignment nonetheless additionally the reputedly inevitable pores and skin-low cost surgical operation that can observe. Beauty is no longer handiest peril, Dietland reminds us. It’s freaking costly.

Plum’s personal struggles and her relationship with Kitty, who might possibly well no longer be extra condescending to the lady who makes her sound animated in print, affords kindly enough fodder for a TV present. Nevertheless wait, Dietland, has extra! Plum is stalked by a mysterious, goth-ish lady (Erin Darke of True Ladies Revolt) who looks to grasp extra about her than she fairly can even simply mild. Meanwhile, a dark renegade neighborhood named Jennifer is reportedly bumping off males who managed to skirt punishment for abusing women folk. Sooner or later, Jennifer’s actions enjoy a recount enact on the family at Austin Media, the corporate that owns Daisy Chain.

Bask in I acknowledged, Dietland bites off hundreds for one TV sequence. Nevertheless below Noxon’s supervision, all of these separate pieces arrange to actually feel like share of a cogent total. There’s a unhappy comedic glaze drizzled over all the pieces in Dietland that makes it interesting and silly — “My abdominal’s continuously empty,” Plum tells her Waist Watchers counselor. “Yeah, fair valid for you!” her counselor responds brightly — nonetheless the unusual doesn’t scared some distance from the real seriousness of its fabric, which incorporates elephantine-shaming, psychological illness, and sexual harassment, as smartly as a plot, magnificence, and media advanced that contributes to all of the above. There are moments which can well possibly well be paying homage to lighter dramedies, like Intercourse and the Metropolis and Ghastly Betty, nonetheless there’s additionally a flow of Handmaid’s Yarn–esque feminist rebel continuously cutting by any sense of pure escapism. Even a day out to the Daisy Chain magnificence closet — a flight of delirious glam-enjoy on real about any assorted sequence — instantly takes on shades of one thing corrupt.

There are times when Dietland’s zigzag sensibility additionally rings a bell in my memory of yet every other summer season sequence that skillfully blended facets of actuality with the weird and wonderful and annoying: CBS’s short-lived BrainDead. Plum infrequently imagines herself as an moving lady along with her eyes 1/2-closed, curious like an ambivalent pawn from one share of Massive apple to yet every other. Within the third episode, Plum goes off of her antidepressants frigid turkey and has an extended hallucinatory encounter with a tiger — howdy, I’m real typing what I seen — who looks and sounds so much just like the police detective (Adam Rothenberg) on whom she has a crush. Even the opening titles — which characteristic that moving version of Plum climbing up a Sweet Land–esque mountain of sweets, turning into skinnier and skinnier unless she within the spoil reaches the tip and becomes an exhausted, collapsing cadaver — are extra than a miniature bit macabre.

The sequence stays tethered enough to Earth, though, and its lead performances are a serious causes why. Nash performs Plum with a resigned, relatable subject-of-factness, spiked with an acceptable sense of skepticism and alarm when she senses that weird issues might possibly well be afoot. All over dream sequences whereby Plum walks a runway or affords in to sexual desire, Nash infuses her with such vibrancy that her dialed-down, each day countenance looks even sadder. On paper, as a character, Plum might possibly well be outlined a bit too mighty by her weight, nonetheless Nash’s portrayal makes her multidimensional.

Margulies opts rightly to play Kitty totally straight. This diva-journalist with a waist as wide as a thimble has no knowing what it’s obtain to be someone assorted than herself, and no sense of her enjoy obliviousness. “Being a member of the idle rich is a fate worse than poverty,” she says at one point, and she with out a doubt ability it. Margulies earns laughs precisely due to the she is aware of her character isn’t joking. I’d assert she’d derive along famously with Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, other than that the some distance smarter Miranda would crumple her in an immediate with a withering watch. Kitty is grand, nonetheless her energy is obviously unearned.

In supporting roles, Robin Weigert (as Verena, the anti-fad-diet proponent who counsels Plum), and Tamara Tunie (as Julia, the boss of the Daisy Chain magnificence closet) successfully venture the air of vivid, supportive women folk, so mighty in notify that you just’re no longer sure that you just can actually belief them. At this point in Dietland — I actually enjoy handiest considered the first three episodes, out of ten total this season — I’m additionally no longer rather sure what the unusual is making an are attempting to pronounce us. It’s clearly against one thing that makes women folk actually feel badly about their our bodies and themselves, whether or no longer it’s misguided wellness plans, publications that push impractical, idealized photography of magnificence, or poisonous folks themselves. (Gaze additionally: The unusual’s no longer-even-a miniature-veiled references to the harassment accusations against vogue photographer Terry Richardson.) Nevertheless it with out a doubt’s too early to resolve whether or no longer Dietland will eliminate at obvious societal scabs or intention blood in a serious plot. A minimal of, it’s addressing these components with extra bite than assorted fresh makes an are attempting, most notably the muddled Amy Schumer movie I Certainly feel Reasonably.

What I enact know for sure is that I’m attracted to seeing how the remainder of the season performs out. Dietland can even simply no longer single-handedly dismantle the magnificence magazines, cosmetics firms, impractical diets, and male gazes that articulate so many boundaries in entrance of ladies folk reaching self-self belief, nonetheless it’s taking goal at those topics with enough verve and freaky aptitude to make it no longer seemingly to push apart.


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