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Chef Caroline Fidanza Gained’t Give Up on Italian Cookies


Whenever you’re a New Yorker with friends into food, you'd furthermore like as soon as heard one speak one thing love, “I wish to be love Caroline Fidanza when I grow up.” Square foot for square foot, Fidanza & Co.’s Saltie would possibly well’ve been New York’s most loved sandwich shop of the final two an extended time. When its closing used to be announced gradual final twelve months, it used to be met with supplied-out Scuttlebutts and eulogies as grand for its owners’ “a little oddball” creations as their integrity. Since then, Fidanza has returned to where she started in Brooklyn, and now oversees the kitchens at Andrew Tarlow’s restaurants, whose first, Diner, she used to be the gap chef at. On the present time, she’s calm residing life as she wants: looking out for to preserve up out her homebody aspirations, loving even sinful Italian cookies, and refusing to convert to orange wine. Learn all about it in this week’s Grub Road Food regimen.

Thursday, July 12
Coffee at 9 a.m. I’m embarrassed to inform I steal no subject the generic Foodtown designate is. Smartly, principally my boyfriend Doug does. It’s partly attributable to he’s cheap, so he doesn’t wish to use somewhat just a few cash on espresso, but it no doubt’s a generous French roast.

Cottage cheese with mushrooms and toast at noon at Marlow & Sons. This one is made in-condominium, so it’s a somewhat diversified cottage-cheese experience but calm wonderfully generous. I delight in cottage cheese and developed a exact habit just a few years previously. And search for, now it’s trending!

Suzie’s quinoa, corn, and sesame rice truffles.

Had a midafternoon snack of a slice of She Wolf sourdough with butter and sea salt, then half a chocolate cookie from Marlow & Sons attributable to there used to be a stack of at the least a dozen of them left at four p.m. If they don’t sell, the group of workers offers them away at the high of the night, so I didn’t feel sinful about taking one. Even though I strive not to eat stuff love that in abnormal. But after eating three slices of Carvel ice-cream cake the night earlier than, for my friend Anna Dunn’s birthday, a cookie didn’t seem love any such worthwhile deal. Now not that I eat any of that stuff ever.

After, I had a trade assembly. We went to Sunless and White bar. It used to be a for exact trade assembly, not an in citation marks, euphemistic “trade assembly.”

I had one Modelo Especial and Liz had a Scotch, and then all individuals else used to be having one other, so I did the same. But when I seen there used to be a conception to creep like one other in other places after the assembly, I made up our minds not to drink the beer. I'm able to truly most efficient like two drinks without having a hangover the following day, so I must be strategic, and it wasn’t value feeling sinful over cheap beer.

We ended up going to Union Square Cafe, as the relocation came up in our assembly. We most efficient supposed to love a drink, so I ordered a glass of rosé and then found that I used to be getting shaky with starvation, so we made up our minds to halt and eat. I truly would prefer by no device anticipated to lastly halt up eating dinner at Union Square, but there we had been. We had chicken-liver toast and split two pastas: one with pork and Castelvetrano olives and one other with snow peas, pea shoots, and ricotta. Also, extra bread and butter. Then, they sent us some polenta. I’m not and I will not ever be anti-carb, but that used to be loads, even for me. Silent, I left feeling somewhat generous.

I hardly ever eat out in The ny and heaps extra hardly ever eat out wherever on the greater halt of the restaurant spectrum. Mostly, I eat at dwelling or at regarded as one of many restaurants in the Marlow Collective, which makes me feel very lucky and cheerful. I'm professionally embarrassed, but not in my conception so, to inform that I correct don’t care that grand about eating out anymore. I'm hardly ever moved by the experience and I'm able to’t define the expense. But, of course, I earn to eat out at 5 diversified restaurants as segment of my job, so who's conscious of how I would feel without that.

Ops — initially, to enhance friends, but I retain going attributable to it’s scrumptious — or a native love Taco Chulo or Snacky. I delight in Snacky as correct a gargantuan little space; the girl who owns it is a dynamo. And Taco Chulo’s an passe friend, but I also speak the food there is commonly skill underrated.

Friday, July thirteen
Started with two cups of espresso at dwelling, then I had Ronnybrook yogurt with strawberry jam and cherries.

I drove up to Poughkeepsie, where I grew up and where my guardian calm dwell, to take care of some stuff with my of us. I arrived and, without being asked if I used to be hungry, used to be at the moment served lunch. The first show of trade is repeatedly one thing to eat.

Lunch with mom and dad used to be marinated (jarred) roasted crimson peppers with garlic and basil, fresh mozzarella, and leftover salad from the night earlier than. Both of my oldsters’ oldsters had been born in Italy, so there’s repeatedly this Italian food as the backdrop of our lives. Then my mom went to Italy in 1978, and when she came again she started cooking differently round that time, cooking grand extra Italian food.

Also, a chocolate-dipped Italian cookie. I delight in Italian cookies, that are virtually repeatedly disappointing. The truth that they are disappointing is even segment of what I delight in about them — attending to know which ones are the appropriate ones, which varies from bakery to bakery. But this one used to be truly disappointing.

I’m compelled to steal them or model them. I feel love I’m in the minority in that I delight in Italian cookies and don’t love cannoli. I carry out feel love if there aren’t Italian cookies at every particular occasion for my family or extended family, I earn very upset. Admire there’s truly one thing missing. Even though they’re ugly!

For dinner, I made the salad and my mother made what I thought used to be going to be the worst meal since 1979: a broiled steak, frozen peas, and tater tots. She said she used to be going past the tater tots at the grocery store and to boot they known as out to her. Some pull of nostalgia. But critically, she hasn’t made them in new history.

Once I am going dwelling I repeatedly rely on having pasta or my mother’s infamous two-hour baked chicken, which is repeatedly ideal. So when she pulled out the steak I used to be already dissatisfied, but then the relaxation used to be virtually devastating to me. But, you already know, all of us ate it and somewhat enjoyed it, especially my dad, who hasn’t been eating grand lately. He clearly liked the exchange of scamper, loved those peas, and ate quite a bit of the salty tater tots. Fling resolve. I feel despite the incontrovertible fact that it’s not the meal of your desires, a dwelling-cooked meal is repeatedly going to be generous.

For dessert, we had Salubrious’s Neapolitan ice cream and a chocolate Stella D’oro Margherite cookie. I feel my oldsters are regarded as one of many ten households preserving Stella D’oro in trade. I'm not a sort of households. They consume those softeners, and it makes them model diversified. I’m a sort of those that’s love, “I'm able to’t steal cookies and leave them at dwelling,” attributable to I don’t wish to eat cookies at dwelling.

Saturday, July 14
Two cups of espresso, again, and Ronnybrook drinkable yogurt, peach model.

Drove out to the Tarlows’ condominium in Brookhaven. It’s their 20th anniversary and to boot they celebrate their anniversaries by making bouillabaisse. Andrew started a fireplace and keep a cast-iron plancha with legs over the coals to warmth up two gargantuan Staubs of properly to set apart fish stock in which he poached wild striped bass, crimson snapper, and mussels. He also cooked zucchini and the teens toasted bread on the plancha. I made rouille, getting busted by Andrew for making it in the Cuisinart in preference to by hand. I thought he used to be safely working the grill out of doorways when he walked in on me. Andrew does it in a mortar and pestle, kilos the garlic and then adds the olive oil drip by drip by drip, and I used to be correct not about to preserve up out that this weekend.

There used to be also a fennel, carrot, and cucumber salad and boiled potatoes from HOG Farm. We ate those as they had been and keep them in the soup, too. We drank thousands rosé and then later sat round the fireplace and ate homemade strawberry ice cream with “herb tumble apart” that Sean the farmer makes. It’s generally herbs that had been doubtlessly processed in the Cuisinart as properly with sugar and butter. It used to be spectacular.

It’s Absolute most realistic Pure, a properly being-food retailer in Bellport.

I had the most fabulous ceviche I truly like ever eaten. It used to be at a friend of Andrew and Kate’s who lives by them in Brookhaven. He’s from Ecuador and used to be cyber net net hosting a World Cup–final viewing at his condominium. Doug and I made up our minds not to love a examine the recreation and went to search for Bellport with Kate as an different, but we had been lucky ample to be saved some ceviche. It used to be ideal: puny, a little white onion finely diced, a little cilantro but not too grand, and salt and lime juice with a tumble apart of plantain chips on high. Swish.

Hahm Ji Bach in Flushing. I haven’t spent somewhat just a few time in Flushing; Andrew and Kate instructed it. Every as soon as rapidly, I’ll creep to regarded as one of those neighborhoods and check up on to resolve out where to eat — but then I earn overwhelmed. You've got to know where you’re going.

We had the intriguing octopus and lamb sizzling pot. Among the many little dishes that come out earlier than the meal had been sardines that I correct loved. There had been two complete ones in a deep, properly to set apart sauce with a yamlike vegetable. I would possibly well furthermore like eaten correct that and been gratified, but then there used to be the entirety else to eat. My diversified favourite used to be the salty fried peanuts with dried little fish.

Later, I ate some pineapple.

Monday, July sixteen
In Red Hook at our occasions condominium, I had yogurt with peaches, blueberries, honey, and granola.

I used to be prepping, which generally device tasting loads. But I didn’t eat as grand as I generally carry out: a dozen or so almonds. A few green olives. A total lot of marinated beets as they got prepped.

I at risk of be a nibbler. At Saltie, I would eat a hundred diversified things at some level of the day. Now that I don’t work in a kitchen, I receive that it’s so unfamiliar to not be nibbling all day after doing it for thus an extended time. For the first time in an extended time, my meals are a ways extra outlined. But I calm repeatedly earn hungry earlier than dinner is willing, so there’s generally a snack in the afternoon.

Diner and sat down at the bar to a dinner of grilled trout with original potatoes, string beans, Solar Gold tomatoes, basil, and pimentón aïoli. Two glasses of rosé, give or take. I am going for white over crimson, but rosé, somewhat grand, is the easy creep-to in the summer. I proceed to be committed to rosé over orange wine, I’m not switching!

Tuesday, July 17
Farm shuttle. Had a cup of espresso at dwelling, an iced green tea at Marlow, and took a part of espresso cake for the boulevard.

When we arrived at the farm, they gave us cherries. After the farm tour, for the length of which we ate cherry tomatoes out of the sector, we had a lunch of sandwiches we brought with many diversified types of potato chips. I had the egg sandwich with tomato achar, pickled onion, and lettuce on a brioche roll. Delightful.

On the wander dwelling, all individuals got snacks at the gasoline situation. I ate some Correct & A lot’s; I delight in licorice.

For dinner, Doug made cranberry beans and Uncle Ben’s basmati rice, which he admits is ugly, and Goya salsa verde. Right here is even handed one of his creep-to dinners. He loves rice and beans, which is doubtlessly regarded as one of my least favourite classic combos. It’s partly a throwback to his college days, despite the truth that they are prolonged gone.

Nonetheless, over the years he’s become a apt put collectively dinner who can pull collectively a generous and generous dinner with not up to kindly substances. I’m not going to present him a tough time. But generally he calm makes purchasing mistakes, love with the Uncle Ben’s.

I used to be so gratified to be dwelling. I’m not generally away as grand as I used to be this week, so I used to be deeply scream material to love dinner with Doug in our crummy dwelling. I’m aspirationally a homebody, but not truthfully. I’ve worked in restaurants for 25 years at this level and heaps of that time, with the exception of Saltie, used to be night work. The character of it device that you just’re by no device going dwelling as grand as you'd take to.


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