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All the issues You Must Know About Microdosing’s Micromoment


As of 1 month ago, I knew of accurate one friend who microdosed; my friend, who is a musician, acknowledged he turned into taking zero.1 grams of mushrooms just a few mornings a week so he may maybe well maybe find yourself an album that had been taking him years. Then, just a few weeks later, I turned into at a a lot of friend’s dwelling when he walked into his kitchen, took a teeny-tiny, shriveled-up mushroom stem out of the freezer, snapped off a minuscule amount, and popped it into his mouth, a part he now does progressively to unquestionably feel “extra birth” whereas on the a lot of work calls he has for the length of the day.

This turned into whereas telling me about one other friend, who’s devised one plan to, as precisely as that you can imagine, dilute liquid LSD into 10-microgram doses. That guy uses it for painting.

It’s been aloof however furthermore mercurial: Microdosing, which in overall skill taking tiny amounts of psychedelics (one-Twentieth to one-tenth of a recreational dose) has unfold from San Francisco to Fresh York and in each place in the country. Folk squawk they're utilizing it now to not flee their everyday lives however to beef up them: If you happen to’re microdosing, you doubtlessly can even neglect you’re doing capsules in the fundamental situation. The amounts are sub-perceptual, without the seeing-stuff side outcomes. They’re restful themselves, customers squawk, supreme unbiased a miniature greater.

Most modern experiences blow their personal horns that millennials are ingesting much less and much less serious about capsules like cocaine. Nonetheless in a uncommon turn of occasions, they’ve taken up LSD and mushrooms in the skill any individual else may maybe well maybe pop an Adderall. The commonest self-reported benefits consist of improved mood, greater eating and slumbering habits, and much less of a necessity for caffeine. And, in reality, what would be extra millennial than rebranding some of essentially the most potent capsules accessible as illegal vitamins that mix the in reality feel-correct-ness of self-care with the chance of gaining a competitive edge on colleagues?

Drug sellers I surveyed agree with reported an uptick in microdosing requests: “Per chance 10 to 15 percent of my customers thought on microdosing, which is unquestionably up from after I first began selling mushrooms,” says one Brooklyn seller. One other says that whereas she’s seen extra folks purchasing for mushrooms and LSD, return potentialities are drinking them extra slowly. One seller even brings around his scale for microdosers who desire to measure out smaller amounts; one other creates tinctures of diluted LSD. And a rising dedication of posts on Reddit dedicated to the topic means that folk are microdosing all forms of issues, from ketamine (for despair) to cannabis (for worry management).

Between 2010 and 2013, microdosing began to produce steam in Silicon Valley coder circles, thanks in segment to the preachings of LSD researcher James Fadiman. The enchantment of a drug routine that permits for hours of uninterrupted center of attention and focus turned into no longer misplaced on this crowd. Fadiman thinks microdosing caught on so mercurial on account of “it has a minute obvious end and it’s no longer horrifying,” though, as is the case with all capsules, apprehension is subjective. In particular on account of microdosing is both highly unresearched and extremely imprecise, and attributable to this truth at risk of every form of dosage mix-u.s.and unintended journeys. If truth be told, there had been zero managed scientific trials linked to microdosing. In England, Amanda Feilding of the Beckley Foundation is terminate to starting a look that will contain hooking up microdosers to an EEG whereas they play the technique game Plug in an strive to measure both creativity and cognitive feature. For now, that’s it.

Anecdotal accounts already counsel that microdosing is no longer for all people. Must you agree with any form of bipolar or psychosis historical previous, there is the chance of overstimulation. It furthermore doesn’t appear to agree with those with existing dread, says Fadiman. And, clearly, it's miles against the law.

But the curiosity supreme grows, in segment thanks to renewed ardour in the aptitude therapeutic benefits of psychedelics taken in weak doses. In Michael Pollan’s contemporary guide on the topic, How one can Exchange Your Mind, out in Might per chance well furthermore, he goes deep on the science from professionally guided, federally permitted compare that checked out the outcomes of psilocybin (that’s the psychoactive segment of mushrooms) on most cancers patients in vastly lessening signs of dread and despair.

Which is why some folks are ignoring the risks and microdosing to assemble in on one of the major major reported benefits. “Finally, folks rob issues into their possess hands,” says Dr. Michael Mithoefer, a Charleston psychiatrist inquisitive about MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the remedy of PTSD. “Absolutely no longer the ideal skill to attain it, however that’s one in every of the complications that happens when the regulatory and scientific neighborhood isn’t responding to the need for greater medicines.” And maybe the science will rob up with the custom. “It’s a in reality plausible quiz whether microdosing has antidepressant exercise,” says Matthew W. Johnson, a Johns Hopkins psychologist who has printed psilocybin compare. “If that turned into real, that would be a contemporary remedy to one in every of the enviornment’s supreme medical complications.”

What Is a Microdose?

A microdose is mostly regarded as to be one-Twentieth to one-tenth of a recreational dose. If any individual’s seeing issues, he or she has taken too great. Most folk microdose mushrooms or LSD, however a lot of capsules agree with furthermore turned into contemporary of unhurried.

The Big Seven: What Out There Is Being Microdosed

By Katy Schneider

In the absence of scientific trials and compare, we created this chart by going straight to the provision: a total bunch individual microdosers. We shared our findings with two experts in the area of psychedelics — psychologist James Fadiman and psychiatrist Julie Holland — who confirmed that what we learned meshed with the anecdotal proof they’ve gathered through the years. Conceal: Loads of these capsules agree with serious associated risks, so attain no longer exhaust this as a knowledge.


What it's miles: A drug fabricated from lysergic acid, which is existing in the fungus that grows on rye. It's taken in capsules, capsules, gelatin squares, or pieces of paper.

How microdosing it feels: Users describe experiencing a boost in energy, center of attention, and the feeling that existence is major. A real microdose, per customers of the drug, is form of a day wherein you’ve “gotten ample sleep and eaten smartly.” It’s in overall outmoded to relieve kick addictions, from cigarettes to heroin. Many LSD microdosers obtain that it’s made it more straightforward to tumble some pounds, pause ingesting, and even lower aid on playing video games.


What it's miles: “Magical mushrooms” contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin. They may maybe furthermore be eaten, brewed into tea, or coated with chocolate.

How microdosing it feels: About an hour or two after ingesting the microdose, folks behold an amplify in center of attention and energy. Many customers obtain that it helps with weaning off — and staying off — anti-depressants. It will relieve lessen the side outcomes of withdrawal and even mitigate despair. Many talk about to the drug’s potential to amplify empathy, too.


What it's miles: Cannabis is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant. It’s both smoked, vaporized, or taken in tinctures or edibles.

How microdosing it feels: Cannabis in microdose fabricate has been figured out to be obliging for a large amount of physical ailments: power worry, nausea, irritation, indigestion, fibromyalgia, PTSD-associated insomnia, even nightmares. Nonetheless it furthermore helps with mood: It will boost ardour in a single’s atmosphere, creativity, happiness, and center of attention, whereas furthermore combating stress.


What it's miles: The active hallucinogenic compound in ayahuasca. It's most in overall smoked in powder fabricate or consumed in a brew.

How microdosing it feels: DMT has a sooner onset than any of the capsules on this list — it must kick in seconds after exhaust, and its acute outcomes final supreme just a few half of-hour. It brings customers to a situation of introspection and, as one frequent microdoser build it, “cuts out the relaxation that isn’t serving me in the brand new moment, so I will accurate abilities being.”


What it's miles: An Amazonian plant combination that contains the psychoactive substance DMT. It’s in most cases consumed in a tea.

How microdosing it feels: Microdosing ayahuasca can amplify sensitivity and openness in customers — many in truth feel their boundaries and defenses dissolve. It will not be optimal for work, because it must make physical and psychological projects a bit extra strenuous and can make customers in reality feel passive — “It made it laborious to answer emails, write queries, compare,” acknowledged one.


What it's miles: A usually ever microdosed, famous-to-assemble perennial rainforest shrub, some rob it in premade TA (total alkaloid) powder.

How microdosing it feels: Iboga in minute doses can promote introspection, clarity, thoughtfulness, and a feeling of connectedness to folks and the enviornment. One user reported feeling “too introspective. I turned into in overall misplaced in thought,” she acknowledged, “and had no ardour in conversing with others, on account of minute talk about regarded too tedious and unimportant.” It’s furthermore been known, in substantial doses, to reset opiate receptors and attributable to this truth relieve curb cravings.


What it's miles: Ketamine is a medications outmoded for declaring anesthesia. It's assuredly snorted, though usually injected.

How microdosing it feels: Some customers tale feeling a physical excessive and a decrease in physical sensation. “If you happen to can agree with worry on your knees,” says one user, “you’re no longer going to unquestionably feel that on a microdose of ketamine.” It furthermore eases stress and despair. With greater doses, customers tale that those anti-depressive outcomes can final for days, weeks, or even a month.

The Guy Whos Microdosed It All (Or a Lot of It)

Cooper M., 23, department lead at a cannabis birth-up, Seattle

LSD: “A pair of years aid, I turned into quitting antidepressants. It turned into famous, and microdosing helped me assemble thru. It turned into great extra purposeful than any antidepressant I’d ever taken. I took minute doses a pair cases a week for just a few months, and I figured out that my center of attention, mood, energy, and ingenious thinking all improved no longer supreme the day of, however the times following as smartly.”

Mushrooms: “Love LSD, it makes me in reality feel in the moment, and my day-to-day feels more energizing and much less primitive. The foremost incompatibility is that it’s shorter and much less energizing. It makes me in reality feel extra ‘trail along with the trail along with the circulation’ and much less analytical and interesting.”

CBD: “I rob CBD — the non-psychoactive a part of cannabis — day by day to relieve silent my mind and physique. I microdose Mr. Moxey’s Mints after I'd like unbiased a miniature kick or I assemble caught in a damaging thought loop at work. It’s much less impactful per dose than LSD, however I owe being ready to feature in a forty-hour workweek to them.”

DMT: “I’ve furthermore tried DMT. It onsets internal seconds in comparison to oral psychedelics that can rob an hour to set in. This permits me to in a brief time reach the considerate, centering psychological situation I’m searching for however furthermore no longer in reality feel caught in it for too long if I rob too great. ”

—Good ample.S.

Why Does Everyone Good ampleeep Bringing Up James Fadiman?

Up until just a few years ago, the longtime LSD researcher who printed The Psychedelic Explorer’s Handbook in 2011 turned into for my fragment responding to any would-be microdoser’s questions as to suggested dosage or that you can imagine side outcomes thru his personal Gmail. He created a protocol based totally on his many emailed-in experiences from customers that’s somewhat great turned into the microdosing standard. Now Fadiman is working with fellow researcher Sophia Korb as they embark on the supreme nonclinical microdosing look to this level (fifty nine nations and over four hundred people).

5 findings from Fadiman’s email in-field.

Duration aid
“A dedication of ladies who agree with had famous periods tale that their periods for the time being are celebrated. We bought a blow their personal horns from a girl in her 20s who acknowledged that for the length of the month she microdosed, her periods, that are in overall extraordinarily famous and painful, had been now celebrated. Others squawk they microdose before their length and their periods for the time being are magnificent. We don’t know great, however we’re hoping to assemble great extra weak compare going.”

Higher intercourse
“Factual just a few experiences of this, however one instance: Married 15 years, male, 38. ‘Sex is substantial with microdosing … my consideration is at a hundred computer in the bed, without complications expressed in our lovemaking and sensual touching. There will not be this kind of thing as a bustle and no wait.’ ”

Reduced espresso consumption
“The commonest comment is ‘I accurate don’t in reality feel the need.’ ”

Extra dread
“We attain no longer know if dread goes up or in the occasion that they are extra attentive to their dread, however in both case we in reality feel microdosing is no longer obliging.”

Higher first drafts
“I underneath no circumstances level to my sources (especially in the occasion that they are drug-utilizing journalists).”

How Do People Who Do It, Do It?

The Microdoser’s Tool Kit

A seller
In Fresh York, some sellers are adjusting to the spike in microdoser customers by constructing diluted liquid-LSD tinctures; others are offering exhaust of their scales to relieve weigh mushrooms.

A scale
One that registers a thousandth of a gram helps folks birth as minute as that you can imagine.

A grinder
Dried mushrooms are moderately fragile, however a grinder (some like a mortar and pestle, others exhaust espresso grinders) will yield a powerful powder that microdosers will sprinkle into a lot of ingestible issues, even smoothies.

Gel caps
“Strongly earthy” is one skill dried mushrooms had been described. Weighing them, grinding them into powder fabricate, and placing them into gel capsules is one plan to make measured-out microdoses and withhold some distance off from their polarizing taste.

Or This Starter Pack

The zero.33 Wave, a birth-up dedicated to “responsible psychedelic exhaust” founded by Paul Austin, provides both online guides to microdosing a lot of medicines and a $47 LSD starter pack that involves a sterilized amber bottle with distilled water for diluting, scissors for casting off tabs of LSD, a sterile syringe for measuring out microdoses, and an LSD-trying out equipment (to be distinct it truly is LSD).

In step with the Fadiman skill, folks in most cases microdose once every three days for just a few month — in the future on, two days off. Nonetheless why situation it out? “After reading plenty of experiences and talking to plenty of oldsters, the outcomes had been lasting for as a lot as two days,” Fadiman says. “The psychedelics are unquestionably long previous internal just a few hours, however you doubtlessly can agree with the identical form of feeling — functioning greater — for 2 days.” There’s one other cause to situation it out: Psychedelics, whereas nonaddictive, can motive a tolerance to create. The supreme part to withhold in mind: Fadiman advises taking a microdose before 10 a.m. “Taking it later may maybe well maybe make it extra famous to tumble asleep. From there, folks may maybe well maybe restful withhold to their day by day time desk: work, leisure, meals, medicines, exercise.” After the month, Fadiman figured out that most folks persevered to microdose supreme usually, on an as-wanted foundation — for an examination, a presentation. Plus, like with most issues, it’s correct to rob a spoil.

Tao Lin, whose guide Time out: Psychedelics, Alienation, and Exchange comes out Might per chance well furthermore 1, has dabbled in microdosing. Anticipating questions he thought he’d assemble on the topic whereas on tour, he did a trial run.

Day 1

10 A.M. Conventional one-sixth of a tab of a hundred micrograms of LSD — a cost known as Aztec Xtal, that will or may maybe well maybe not be LSD or a hundred micrograms.

eleven:fifty eight A.M. Contain extra of a humorousness and much less despair than celebrated, smiling in most cases.

12:35 P.M. Surely feel distracted by the enviornment as an replacement of my thoughts, that are a lighter yet extra controllable overlay than celebrated.

12:fifty five P.M. 1/2-consciously and pleasurably and biked from Twenty fifth to Third Avenue.

four:52 P.M. Attention span modified into lower than celebrated; feeling the dearth of what I gained earlier.

10 P.M. Continued working — reading, writing — after transient lack of consideration. Surely feel like I had a day like after I outmoded to make exhaust of Adderall however with much less underlying despair.

Day 2

10 A.M. four days later, outmoded one-sixth of a tab some other time. I’d planned on three days, however I turned into assembly my editor and wanted to be in a extra acquainted psychological situation.

eleven:forty one A.M. Contain greater potential to end undesirable thoughts.

eleven:Fifty four A.M. Rather than blankly observing at nothing, as can happen usually, my center of attention is flitting a bit randomly around, scanning. My reminiscence photography seem stronger.

10:38 P.M. In bed. Had one other almost consistently productive day — doing a phone interview, reading, writing, drawing.

Day 3

10 A.M. Two days later. Conventional one-12th of a tab — half of as great.

four:eleven P.M. Time has handed immediate. The half of-dose appears preferable. One-sixth felt in most cases overwhelming and disruptive to my celebrated routine, however this amount appears correct to make exhaust of usually and strategically.

What it’s like to be excessive and performing on the job.

A Blueberry Edible Earlier than a Assembly
“I rob chocolate-coated blueberry edibles, that are about 5 mg. every of THC — the psychoactive segment of cannabis — on the skill to work. It’s just a few 45-minute commute, so by the level I’m at my desk, it’s starting to work. All over meetings, I in reality feel extra lucid in my thoughts and assured sharing tips that I will agree with thought had been too radical before. I obtain myself making extra jokes, laughing extra. Earlier than, I've I turned into repeatedly attempting to articulate the smartly-behaved part, playing it real in a single plan. It labored, however it turned into furthermore form of tedious.” —Anonymous animator

A Sliver of LSD Earlier than Talking to the Boss
“After I microdosed LSD just a few cases before work, it turned into a combined obtain: When talking to my boss — who I underneath no circumstances had complications with — I felt great extra dread. I turned into extra in my head, worried about what I turned into going to articulate. On the a lot of hand, I had great extra empathy — which turned into a large deal, on account of I wasn’t very fond of my co-workers. It furthermore made it great more straightforward to attain tedious, heads-down work. Time form of flew by — my job turned into usually ‘spreadsheet farming,’ and I turned into ready to attain that great extra successfully.” —Anonymous recruiter for a financial-products and companies firm

A Sip of Iboga Earlier than Visiting Sufferers
“I work in palliative care. All my patients are death. Since I started taking 50 mg. of iboga TA powder in the morning, worry- and symptom-management visits are stuffed with great extra laughter and happiness. Earlier than, I turned into at risk of burnout from these visits — I turned into drained and slack and in overall supreme ready to present the required care to my patients. I ignored minute subtleties in their physical and emotional notify. This doesn’t happen as in overall after I’ve taken iboga. I am ready to sit down down with a grieving household, in reality feel their worry, and be new, without permitting it to rupture me.” —Anonymous nurse  

—Good ample.S.

But Whats the Worst That Could Happen?

It took just a few tries before this Brooklyn musician landed on his ideal dose.

“The first time I did it, I took zero.2 grams of mushrooms at 8 a.m. It’s what I believed turned into a in reality minute amount, so I turned into like, Okay, I’ll rob that and I will up it from there. Per chance 20 minutes later I turned into in the park strolling my dog, and I looked up on the trees, and I turned into like, Huh, that appears strange. Then I looked down at my hands, which is repeatedly the take a look at: Attain my hands witness trippy? And I turned into like, Oh, yeah, they’re trippy. The grass underneath them turned into substantial-piquant, though-provoking in a strange skill. I turned into like, Okay, I assume I’m tripping at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday. I tried to head dwelling and work, and I turned into no longer good ample to work, so I lay down, build headphones on, and listened to song in my bed on the hours of darkness for like an hour. So after that I started doing .07 grams, which is de facto minute, then slowly labored my skill as a lot as .1 gram. As soon as in a whereas I’ll attain .08 grams if it’s a day I know I’m going to be doing plenty of phone calls. There’s no impairment, however if I’m doing zero.1 or zero.a hundred twenty five, I positively in reality feel unbiased a miniature extra something. After I hit the ideal dosage, it helps me assemble into a trail along with the circulation notify. It’s a feeling you can completely agree with without doing capsules, it’s accurate one which I usually ever plot. If you happen to’re engaged on something, you doubtlessly can agree with a feeling that you can attain no unpleasant, and on account of you doubtlessly can agree with that feeling, it form of comes real.”

Sara Gael, director of injure reduction on the MAPS Zendo Project, an organization committed to supporting folks going thru damaging psychedelic journeys, on the acceptable ways to maneuver it out.

Transfer the physique
“Qi Gong, yoga, stretches like that will furthermore be obliging; they assemble energy though-provoking. After we’re in reality caught in our head, feeling happy in our physique can relieve.”

Eat something
“This may maybe well today indicate you can in reality feel grounded.”

Plug out of doors
“Being in nature is a large one. Plug to the park; it doesn’t may maybe well maybe restful be in the heart of nowhere, though restful strive to withhold some distance off from a ton of oldsters.”

Place on some song
“Something instrumental — classical, piano, guitar; mellow is a truly famous.”

Psychedelics are Schedule 1 capsules. Even though laws fluctuate by notify, in the occasion you’re caught possessing or selling even a minute amount of psychedelics in Fresh York Notify as a fundamental-time offender, you doubtlessly can face detention center time — any place from lower than a 300 and sixty five days to as a lot as nine years. Fresh Mexico is odd in that it's miles real to grow mushrooms there, whereas a Florida loophole lets folks off the hook who don’t imprint the mushrooms they're in possession of are magic ones. In the meantime, new decriminalization efforts in California and Colorado may maybe well maybe blow their personal horns up on pollmeasures later this 300 and sixty five days.

Richard A. Friedman, professor of scientific psychiatry and director of the psychopharmacology health center at Weill Cornell Scientific College, thinks microdosers may maybe well maybe restful preserve out for additional-conclusive science.

“The topic is that the substantial-dose therapeutic compare which had been carried out to this level — the NYU and Johns Hopkins ones in explicit — are flawed, I've, so we don’t in reality know the plan real or efficient it's miles. As an instance, niacin, which turned into outmoded in the NYU look as a placebo, doesn’t in reality agree with a psychedelic end, so my objection is that it’s accurate a earlier college look. After which there’s the sample: Who raises their hand and does a hallucinogen? Those folks is more probably to be extra psychologically hardy and drawn to contemporary experiences. With microdosing, in the occasion you’re going to posit x or y about it, then trail look it and assemble correct knowledge. Otherwise all people thinks it’s completely real, however there are folks who are going to attain it who are in worry for various psychiatric complications like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and extreme despair, or who agree with a genetic loading for psychotic complications and may maybe well maybe restful unleash a latent illness. That’s who I apprehension about. Claims that are made based totally on anecdotes and individual stories are inspiring however no longer conclusive, they assuredly may maybe well maybe restful be subjected to the identical rigorous look as any drug firm that desires to promote a drug on the market.”

Did We Get All These People to Be in a Clinical Trial That Were Going to Realize, One Day, Was a Bad Idea?

Some microdosing early-adopters witness aid.

Acknowledge All, the podcast that bought issues going
On November 5, 2015, the Gimlet Media podcast Acknowledge All aired a blow their personal horns on which one in every of its co-hosts, PJ Vogt, secretly took minute portions of acid and recorded what came about. (Vogt ended up panicking and ditching the experiment.) It’s turned into one in every of its most listened-to episodes. Vogt and Gimlet co-founder Matt Lieber replicate on how the episode’s venerable since.

PJ Vogt: One among the issues I didn’t predict would happen is that all people now tells me when they’re microdosing. They’ll squawk, “Hi there, take into accout once you doubtlessly did that episode where you took acid?” And it repeatedly goes the identical skill: It’s them grinning and going, “Well, I’m trying it correct now.” It came about two mornings ago in the elevator.

Matt Lieber: I take into accout telling you that I turned into somewhat obvious you had been going to encourage many folk — 1000's or even 1000's — to strive acid. Those that otherwise wouldn’t. If you happen to build a question to me how I in reality feel about it … I in reality feel very conflicted, unquestionably.

PJV: As soon as in a whereas I ponder, Did we assemble all these folks to be in a scientific trial that we’re going to imprint, in the future, turned into a damaging thought? Nonetheless most folks who’ve talked to me had correct experiences, and I've they in reality feel that they’re in a secret society.

ML: Contain you carried out it since then?

PJV: No, oh my God, no. No. It’s price reiterating: I messed up the dose and did no longer abilities my abilities. Nonetheless I agree with the relaxation of the acid on this Orbit-gum field on my bookshelf. It appears as if Chekhov’s gun in my condominium. —Margaret Rhodes

Ayelet Waldman, the mum who microdosed
In 2017, Waldman launched many to microdosing with her memoir, A Surely Honest Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Lifestyles. What does she think it now?

“I turned into writing about microdosing psychedelics, however on the heart of it, I turned into writing about taking accountability for psychological illness and discovering one plan out of your deepest darkest situation, and once you write about that, you doubtlessly can must rob accountability on your reader. That’s why I’m great much less serious about folks who agree with a extra jokey skill to it. Gape, I did it as an ad hoc personal experiment. I clearly don’t think there’s the relaxation unpleasant with that, so long as folks are very attentive to what they’re entering into they assuredly imprint the neuroscience, the therapeutic parts, the historical previous, the prison-justice ramifications. We utilize too great time on this country taking in reality solid capsules without thought; folks are gobbling up Paxil without any one brooding about how extremely famous it may maybe per chance maybe furthermore be to assemble off them. We’ve accurate been swallowing thoughtlessly, both real and illegal, so in the occasion you’re going to microdose, I desire you to unquestionably attain your homework, or as a minimal accurate be taught my guide. One among the beauties of microdosing is that there isn’t a Sackler household forcing you to turned into addicted — there’s no marketing greenbacks [behind it] — so you can agree with a extra considerate dedication-making job.”

*This article appears in the April 30, 2018, area of Fresh York Journal. Subscribe Now!


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