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How thirteen Reasons Why Handles the #MeToo Moment

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Spoilers for thirteen Reasons Why season two ahead.

Though thirteen Reasons Why is basically driven by the suicide of high-college pupil Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), it attempts to spark the next discourse about the events that led to her loss of life. Namely, her sexual assault by fellow pupil Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice). In its second season, the Netflix series shifts the yarn even extra away from her suicide and makes a speciality of bringing her attacker to justice. While her high college is on trial for negligence a lot of the season, Walker’s crimes are introduced in as evidence major to the case — other than none of his other victims are emotionally ready to accuse him from the stand.

Nonetheless earlier than Hannah’s of us (Kate Walsh and Brian d’Arcy James) lose their lawsuit, one of Walker’s living victims, Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe), does what she couldn’t on the Bakers’ trial and officially reports her assault to the police, opening a criminal investigation into Walker. (Her ex-boyfriend, a gaze to her rape, moreover reports him.) It’s on this pivotal second that thirteen Reasons Why enters the dialog launched by #MeToo, the circulation taking down sexual abusers one Hollywood predator at a time.

In the present’s season-two finale, we be taught that Walker has been chanced on guilty, nonetheless Davis have to give her victim-impression statement earlier than he would possibly also moreover be sentenced. She’s emotional nonetheless stern, addressing Walker at once as she rehashes the irritating details of her rape. And because the camera pans from her face to his and lend a hand, she’s moreover no longer up there alone. Hannah tells her legend. Then any other of Walker’s victims does the identical. Then any other. They are students we’ve heard from all season, now revealing their assaults for the principle time.

With out be aware, the stories of sexual misconduct change into each person’s legend, attributable to nearly every lady has one: Hannah’s mom tells hers. Clay Jensen’s mom (Amy Hargreaves), a lawyer, does too. She stares ineffective-eyed into the camera to section what happened to her: “I used to be a second-yr companion. He invited me to a formula meeting in his hotel room. He answered the door in his bathrobe. I spent the evening insisting we work on the case. At the quit of that yr, I used to be let lunge.” Her legend is namely damning attributable to it sounds ripped from the headlines, and would possibly very effectively be interpreted as referencing the ones we’ve heard over and over, about the strategy Harvey Weinstein would allegedly expend to prey on females — in a hotel room, carrying a bathrobe, and underneath the fraudulent pretenses of a switch meeting.

Bryce Walker is no longer the perpetrator in all of these females’s stories, since the legend of assault is larger than him. All season, plenty of students — pals of Hannah and Jessica — strive and expend vigilante efforts to get Walker on the lend a hand of bars handiest to be taught he’s true the principle crack in the dam. Appears to be like, there’s a rampant rape culture at Liberty High, one the build the baseball crew is robotically assaulting females at a “clubhouse” on the lend a hand of the topic, and conserving photos of their crimes as a trend of trophy. (One such photograph displays that Walker assaulted his unique female friend while she used to be unconscious.)

The present’s creator, Brian Yorkey, has acknowledged #MeToo had exiguous pertaining to the present’s second season, which first published Hannah and Jessica’s sexual assaults final yr, sooner than the circulation. And on the other hand identical Clay’s mom’s misconduct legend sounds to the Weinstein scandal, Yorkey says these episodes had been written and filmed earlier than the bombshells dropped. “It used to be great to gaze it occurring, nonetheless nothing that we did used to be a response to it. It all predated it,” he informed THR. By the quit of the season, for all of Walker’s crimes against females and his closing conviction, he's reprimanded with handiest three months probation.